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MyNBA2K17 is a mobile basketball game where players can collect and play with their favorite NBA teams and players.

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July 19, 2023


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MyNBA2K17 is an exciting basketball game developed by Cat Daddy Games. The game has a packageId of ‘com.catdaddy.mynba2k17’ and can be downloaded on Android devices. MyNBA2K17 offers players the opportunity to build their own NBA team, collect player cards, and compete against other teams in real-time.

One of the standout features of this game is that it allows players to scan their faces into the game using their mobile device’s camera. This feature enables players to create custom avatars that look just like them, adding a personal touch to the gameplay experience. In addition to creating custom avatars, players can also customize their team’s uniforms and arenas.

MyNBA2K17 boasts impressive graphics and sound effects that make for an immersive gaming experience. The controls are easy to use, making it accessible for both casual and hardcore gamers alike. Players can engage in quick games or participate in tournaments with other online users.

Overall, MyNBA2K17 is an excellent choice for basketball enthusiasts looking for a fun and engaging mobile game. With its customizable features, realistic gameplay mechanics, and stunning visuals, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for fans of all ages.

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