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Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break is a thrilling horror game where you must escape from an abandoned prison while being pursued by a terrifying butcher.

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December 27, 2023


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Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break is an exciting and thrilling Android game that takes you on a journey of escape from prison. The game has been developed by Keplerians, who are known for creating some of the most popular horror games in the market.

In this game, you play as Mr. Meat, who has been wrongly accused and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Your task is to help him escape from prison using your wits and skills. You will have to solve puzzles, collect items, and avoid guards and other obstacles along the way.

The graphics and sound effects of Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break are top-notch, making it an immersive experience for players. The gameplay is challenging yet addictive, keeping players engaged for hours on end.

Overall, if you’re looking for an action-packed adventure game with a unique storyline and excellent visuals, then Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break is definitely worth checking out. With its packageId ‘com.keplerians.mrmeat2’, it’s easy to find and download from the Google Play Store or any other app store available on your device!

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