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"Darr @ the Mall - The Game" is a horror-themed adventure game where players must survive a night in an abandoned mall filled with supernatural entities.

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December 5, 2023


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Darr @ the Mall – The Game is an exciting Android game that takes you on a thrilling adventure through a haunted shopping mall. The packageId of the game is ‘com.nileegames.darratmall’. In this game, players take on the role of Vishnu, who has been hired as a security guard at a newly opened mall. However, things soon take a turn for the worse when strange and terrifying events start to occur.

The gameplay involves exploring various parts of the mall while trying to avoid ghosts and other supernatural entities. Players must also solve puzzles and complete tasks in order to progress further into the game. As they do so, they will uncover dark secrets about the history of the mall and its former occupants.

One unique feature of Darr @ the Mall – The Game is its use of sound effects and music to create an immersive horror experience. From creaking floorboards to eerie whispers, every aspect of the audio design adds to the overall sense of dread and tension.

Overall, Darr @ the Mall – The Game is a must-play for anyone who enjoys horror-themed games or movies. Its engaging storyline, challenging gameplay mechanics, and spine-chilling atmosphere make it one of the best Android games in its genre.

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