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YouTube Vanced has advanced features like ad blocking and background play.

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What is Youtube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is an advanced version of the YouTube app for Android. It includes features such as ad-blocking, background playback, dark themes, and more. YouTube Vanced is not available on the Google Play Store due to Google’s policies against third-party apps that modify the YouTube experience. However, it can be downloaded from other sources on the internet.

Features of Youtube Vanced for Android

If you’re looking for a more advanced YouTube experience on your Android device, then you might want to check out the Youtube Vanced app. This app includes features such as background playback, ad blocking, and various theme options. It also allows you to download videos directly from YouTube to your device.

  • Watch YouTube videos without ads.
  • Play YouTube videos in the background even when the screen is off.
  • Enable/disable annotations.
  • Enable/disable suggested videos on completion.
  • Loop video option.

Benefits of Using Youtube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is an advanced YouTube client that offers many features not found in the official app. It includes ad-blocking, background playback, dark mode, and much more. The best part about YouTube Vanced is that it’s completely free to use!

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time watching YouTube videos on your Android device, then you should definitely check out YouTube Vanced. Here are some of the benefits that it offers:

1) Ad-free experience: One of the biggest annoyances while using YouTube is having to sit through those pesky ads before being able to watch our desired content. With YouTube Vanced, you can say goodbye to ads as it blocks them automatically. This results in a smoother and uninterrupted viewing experience.

2) Background playback: Another great feature of this app is its ability to play videos in the background even when you close the app or lock your screen. This means that you can continue listening to music videos or podcasts even while doing other things on your phone such as browsing social media or replying to messages. Simply put, it adds convenience and multitasking capabilities for users which are greatly appreciated! Plus points if used with headphones for a better audio experience without any distractions from visuals .

3) Dark Mode : Many people find white light backgrounds too harsh on their eyes especially during night time usage . Luckily , Youtube vanced has us covered with its built -in dark mode option which swaps out all those whites for blacks thereby reducing strain on our eyes . Not only does this look cooler but also feels more premium.

4 ) Customisation options : There are several customisation options available within Youtube vanced so users can tailor their own individual experiences according to what they prefer eg ( changing video quality , enabling/disabling annotations , subtitles etc ). These little tweaks go a long way towards making sure we have control over how we want consume content instead of blindly following whatever default settings YT decides for us.

Pros and Cons of Youtube Vanced:

  • Allows for background playback.
  • No ads.
  • Override Max Resolution.
  • Pinch to zoom.
  • Preferred Speed and Quality.
  • It can be difficult to find certain videos on YouTube Vanced because of the lack of a search bar.
  • The app does not allow users to download videos for offline viewing.
  • There are ads in between some video content, which can be annoying for viewers.

FAQs Regarding Youtube Vanced for android.

If you’re an avid YouTube user, you’ve probably heard of YouTube Vanced. It’s a modified version of the official YouTube app that comes with a number of features not found in the regular app. For example, it allows you to play videos in the background while doing other things on your phone, and it also blocks ads. You can even download videos for offline viewing.

1. What is Youtube Vanced Apk?

Youtube Vanced Apk is an advanced version of the official YouTube app for Android devices. It offers a number of features that are not available in the official app, including background playback, ad-blocking, and more.

2. How does it work?

The app works by modding the existing YouTube App on your device to provide additional features not found in the stock version. This includes things like blocking ads, enabling background playback, and more.

3. Is it safe to use?

Yes! The app is completely safe to use as long as you download it from a reputable source (like ours!). However, we always recommend backing up your data before installing any mods or third-party apps just to be safe


In conclusion, the Youtube Vanced apk is a great tool for anyone who wants to download and save videos from YouTube. It is easy to use and has a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for downloading videos.

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