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AlpineQuest Explorer Lite is a free offline topographic map and GPS navigation app for outdoor activities.

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December 27, 2023


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AlpineQuest Explorer Lite is an Android app that provides users with a comprehensive and intuitive map navigation system. The app allows users to explore various outdoor activities, including hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and more. With this app installed on your device, you can easily plan routes for your next adventure.

The packageId of the AlpineQuest Explorer Lite app is ‘’ This means that it is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. Despite being a free version of the app, it offers all the essential features needed for planning outdoor adventures.

One of the key features of AlpineQuest Explorer Lite is its offline maps capability. Users can download maps in advance and use them without internet connectivity while exploring remote areas or places with poor network coverage. Additionally, the app supports multiple formats like MBTiles, SQLitedb, and GEMF files.

Another notable feature of this app is its GPS tracking functionality. It allows users to track their location accurately and record their route details during their trips. Moreover, users can also import/export GPX files to share their tracks with other devices or upload them online.

In summary, AlpineQuest Explorer Lite is an excellent choice for anyone who loves outdoor activities and wants to explore new destinations safely. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through different settings and customize your experience according to your preferences. Whether you are going on a weekend hike or embarking on a long-distance trekking expedition, AlpineQuest Explorer Lite has got you covered!

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