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SuperLive is a mobile application that allows users to remotely monitor and control their security cameras.

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December 9, 2023


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SuperLive is a popular Android app that allows users to monitor and control their security cameras remotely. The app has been designed with an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate through its various features. With SuperLive, you can view live video feeds from your CCTV cameras in real-time, as well as access recorded footage stored on the cloud or local storage.

One of the standout features of SuperLive is its ability to support multiple camera systems simultaneously. Whether you have one or several cameras installed at different locations, this app enables you to manage them all from a single platform. This makes it convenient for homeowners and business owners alike who want to keep an eye on their premises without having to switch between different apps.

Another great feature of SuperLive is its motion detection technology. When enabled, the app sends notifications whenever movement is detected within the camera’s field of view. This means that even if you’re not actively monitoring your cameras, you’ll still be alerted when something suspicious happens.

Overall, SuperLive is a reliable and user-friendly app that provides peace of mind by allowing users to keep tabs on their property no matter where they are. Its packageId ‘com.superlive.liveapp’ ensures that it remains easily accessible for anyone looking for a powerful surveillance tool right at their fingertips!

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