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Qooh.me is a social networking app that allows users to ask and answer anonymous questions.

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August 29, 2023


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Qooh.me is an Android app that allows users to ask and answer anonymous questions. It is a social networking platform where people can interact with others without revealing their identity. The packageId of the app is ‘com.qoohme.world’. Qooh.me has become increasingly popular among teenagers, who use it as a way to communicate with friends and meet new people.

The app’s interface is simple and user-friendly. Users can create profiles using their email address or Facebook account. Once they have created a profile, they can start asking and answering questions anonymously. Questions can be about anything from personal preferences to opinions on current events. Users can also follow other users’ profiles, like posts, and leave comments.

One of the unique features of Qooh.me is its ability to filter out inappropriate content. The app uses artificial intelligence algorithms to detect offensive language or images and remove them immediately. This makes it a safer environment for young users who may be vulnerable to cyberbullying or harassment.

Overall, Qooh.me provides an innovative way for people to connect with each other while maintaining anonymity. Its popularity among younger generations speaks volumes about its appeal as a safe space for self-expression in today’s digital age.

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