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N Launcher is an Android app that brings the Nougat 7.0 launcher experience to your device, with customizable features and a sleek interface.

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September 21, 2023


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N Launcher – Nougat 7.0 launcher is an Android app that provides users with a customizable home screen experience similar to the latest version of Android, Nougat 7.0. The app offers a clean and simple interface with easy-to-use features that allow users to personalize their device’s look and feel.

One of the key features of this app is its ability to customize icons on the home screen. Users can choose from a wide range of icon packs available within the app or even import their own custom icons for a more personalized touch. Additionally, it also allows users to change the size of icons, adjust font sizes, and modify widget placements on the home screen.

Another feature worth mentioning is its support for gestures. With just a swipe or pinch gesture, users can easily access frequently used apps or settings without having to navigate through multiple screens. This makes navigating through your phone much faster and efficient.

The app also includes several other customization options such as changing wallpapers, adding widgets, and modifying animation effects when opening or closing apps. It supports various themes which include dark mode theme as well.

Overall, N Launcher – Nougat 7.0 launcher is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an Android launcher that gives you greater control over your device’s appearance while providing ease-of-use in navigation. Its packageId ‘com.nlauncher’ has received positive reviews from many satisfied customers who appreciate its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options.

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