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Money SMS is an android app that pays you for receiving text messages on your phone.

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November 24, 2023


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Money SMS is an Android app that allows users to make money online by receiving text messages. The app works by sending promotional texts from various companies and brands, and the user earns a small amount of money for each message received. This unique concept has made Money SMS quite popular among people who are looking for easy ways to earn some extra cash.

The packageId of the app is ‘com.moneysms.demo’, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Once installed, users need to register with their mobile number and start receiving text messages. The earning potential varies depending on the frequency of messages received, but it’s not uncommon for users to earn up to $5 per month just by using this app.

One of the best things about Money SMS is its simplicity. It doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge to use, making it accessible to everyone regardless of their age or background. Additionally, there are no hidden fees or charges associated with using this app – everything you earn is yours to keep.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a simple way to make some extra money online, then Money SMS could be worth checking out. With its straightforward interface and reliable payment system, it’s one of the most convenient and hassle-free apps available today. So why wait? Download Money SMS now and start earning!

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