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Metro UI Launcher 8.1 is an Android launcher app that brings the Windows Phone style interface to your smartphone.

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July 8, 2023


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Metro UI Launcher 8.1 is an Android app that allows users to transform their device’s interface into the sleek and modern design of Windows 8.1. The app provides a highly customizable home screen with live tiles, similar to those found on Microsoft’s operating system.

The packageId for Metro UI Launcher 8.1 is ‘com.myfknoll.win8.launcher,’ indicating that it was developed by Myfknoll Studios. With over one million downloads on the Google Play Store, this launcher has become popular among Android users who prefer a more minimalist and organized layout.

One of the standout features of Metro UI Launcher 8.1 is its ability to customize live tiles with different colors, sizes, and icons. Users can also add widgets like weather forecasts or news updates directly onto their home screen for quick access.

Overall, Metro UI Launcher 8.1 offers a unique and refreshing alternative to traditional Android launchers, allowing users to experience the clean and intuitive design of Windows 8.1 without having to switch devices or operating systems.

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