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Lexipol KMS Mobile is an app designed for law enforcement agencies to access policies and procedures on the go.

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December 25, 2023


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Lexipol KMS Mobile is an Android app designed for law enforcement agencies to manage their policies and procedures. The app allows officers to access the agency’s policy manual, update it in real-time, and receive notifications when changes are made. With Lexipol KMS Mobile, officers can easily search through policies using keywords or phrases.

The packageId of this app is ‘com.lexipol.mobile.kms’, which indicates that it belongs to Lexipol, a company that provides comprehensive policy management solutions for public safety organizations. This mobile app is one of the many products offered by the company to help streamline policy management processes.

One of the key features of Lexipol KMS Mobile is its ability to provide officers with instant access to critical information on-the-go. Whether they’re out in the field or working at their desk, officers can quickly pull up relevant policies and procedures right from their smartphones or tablets. Additionally, the app offers powerful collaboration tools that allow multiple users to work together on policy development and review.

Overall, Lexipol KMS Mobile is a valuable tool for law enforcement agencies looking to improve their policy management processes. By providing easy access to important information and enabling streamlined collaboration between team members, this app helps ensure that everyone stays informed and up-to-date on agency policies and procedures.

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