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'Fake Game Collection' is a prank app that displays fake game icons on your phone's home screen.

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December 13, 2023


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Fake Game Collection is an Android app that has gained popularity in recent times. The packageId of the app is ‘com.mahesa.app.fakegamecollection’. As the name suggests, it is a collection of fake games that are designed to look like real ones. It’s a fun and entertaining way to prank your friends or family members who love playing mobile games.

The Fake Game Collection includes various genres such as racing, arcade, puzzle, action, adventure, and more. Each game looks realistic with high-quality graphics and sound effects. However, when you start playing them, you’ll notice that they’re not real games but rather cleverly designed fakes.

One of the best things about this app is its user-friendly interface. The layout is simple yet attractive with easy navigation options. You can quickly browse through different games and select the one you want to play without any hassle.

Overall, if you’re looking for a unique way to have some fun with your friends or just want to kill time by playing some fake games on your phone, then Fake Game Collection is definitely worth checking out!

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