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'e-RTU' is an android app designed for remote monitoring and control of real-time units.

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August 27, 2023


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The e-RTU Android app is an innovative solution for students and faculty members of Riga Technical University (RTU) in Latvia. The app, with its packageId ‘edu.ph.rtu’, offers a range of features that make academic life easier and more convenient for everyone involved.

One of the key features of this app is that it allows users to access their RTU accounts on-the-go. This means they can check important information such as class schedules, grades, assignments, and announcements from anywhere at any time. Additionally, the app provides real-time updates about events happening on campus so students never miss out on anything important.

Another useful feature of the e-RTU app is its ability to facilitate communication between students and faculty members. Users can send messages directly through the app to get help or clarification on coursework or other academic matters. Faculty members can also use the app to communicate with their classes en masse by sending notifications or reminders.

Overall, the e-RTU Android app is a valuable tool for anyone associated with Riga Technical University. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive set of features make it easy for users to stay connected and informed about all aspects of academic life at RTU.

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