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Dialer Lock-AppHider is an Android app that allows users to lock their dialer and hide other apps for increased privacy.

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September 22, 2023


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Dialer Lock-AppHider is a popular Android app that allows users to hide and lock their phone’s dialer. This feature prevents unauthorized access to the phone’s calling functionality, ensuring privacy and security for the user. The app also offers additional features such as hiding other apps, photos, videos, and documents.

The packageId of Dialer Lock-AppHider is ‘com.app.hider.master.vault.dialer,’ which indicates its purpose as an app hider and vault for sensitive content. Users can set up a PIN or pattern lock to prevent others from accessing the hidden content, making it an ideal solution for those who share their phones with family members or colleagues.

One of the standout features of this app is its ability to disguise itself as a calculator on the home screen. This makes it difficult for anyone else to know that there are hidden files behind the app icon. Additionally, Dialer Lock-AppHider has a built-in browser that allows users to browse privately without leaving any trace in their browsing history.

Overall, Dialer Lock-AppHider is a reliable and easy-to-use app for protecting your personal data on your Android device. Its comprehensive protection measures ensure that all sensitive information remains secure and private at all times. Whether you’re looking to keep your contacts away from prying eyes or hide confidential work files, this app has got you covered.

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