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Active.sav is an android app that helps users to save and manage their game settings in order to boost gaming performance.

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June 19, 2023


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Active.sav is a popular Android app that has been designed to help gamers save their game settings and configurations. The packageId of the app is ‘com.nyaa.activesav’. This app is particularly useful for those who play games on their mobile devices as it allows them to save their progress, customize controls, and optimize game performance.

One of the key features of Active.sav is its ability to create backups of your saved games. This means that you can easily transfer your progress from one device to another without losing any data. Additionally, this app also lets you tweak various in-game settings such as graphics quality, sound effects, and control sensitivity so that you can enjoy a more personalized gaming experience.

Another great thing about Active.sav is that it supports a wide range of popular games including PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, and many others. With regular updates being released by the developers, users can rest assured that they will always have access to the latest features and compatibility with new games.

In conclusion, if you’re an avid gamer looking for a convenient way to save your game progress and customize settings across multiple devices then Active.sav might just be the perfect solution for you. It’s easy to use interface coupled with its extensive support for popular games makes it a must-have app for anyone serious about mobile gaming.

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