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Wildscapes is a fun and addictive puzzle game where players create their own zoo by solving match-3 puzzles.

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September 5, 2023


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Wildscapes is a fun and engaging Android game that allows players to create their own zoo. The packageId of the game is ‘com.playrix.zoo_m3.gplay’. It’s developed by Playrix, who are known for creating games like Homescapes and Gardenscapes. In Wildscapes, players can build habitats for animals, decorate their zoo with various items, and complete challenges to earn rewards.

The gameplay in Wildscapes is easy to understand but challenging enough to keep players engaged. Players start with a small plot of land where they can place animal habitats such as giraffes, elephants, lions, monkeys and more. As they progress through the game, they’ll unlock new animals and decorations which will help them expand their zoo even further.

One unique feature of Wildscapes is its match-3 puzzle mini-games. These puzzles are used to earn resources that can be used to upgrade animal habitats or purchase new decorations. The puzzles themselves are well-designed and add an extra layer of challenge to the game.

Overall, Wildscapes is a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and addictive Android game. Its charming graphics and simple gameplay make it accessible for all ages while still providing enough depth to keep players interested over time. If you’re looking for a new mobile game to sink your teeth into, give Wildscapes a try!

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