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Cheetah Mobile Cloud (NYSE:CMCM)

TalkCall is a free calling app that allows users to make high-quality voice and video calls, send messages, and share files with friends and family all over the world.

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September 22, 2023


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TalkCall is an Android app that enables users to make free phone calls, send messages and share multimedia files with friends and family anywhere in the world. With a packageId of ‘com.cmcm.whatscall’, this app has been downloaded by millions of people worldwide who are looking for affordable ways to stay connected.

One of the key features of TalkCall is its ability to allow users to make international calls without having to pay any fees or subscription charges. This makes it ideal for individuals who have loved ones living abroad and want to keep in touch regularly without worrying about high call costs.

In addition, TalkCall also offers a messaging platform that allows users to chat with their contacts using text, voice notes, and even images. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures that anyone can easily navigate through its various functions regardless of their technical expertise.

Another notable feature of TalkCall is its group calling capability which lets users connect with multiple people at once on one call. This means you can hold virtual meetings or catch up with all your friends simultaneously from different locations around the globe.

Overall, TalkCall is an excellent communication tool that provides cost-effective solutions for both personal and business use. Its convenient features coupled with low-cost international calls make it a must-have app for anyone seeking quality communication services on-the-go.

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