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"Build and manage your own space program, exploring the galaxy and completing missions in this thrilling simulation game."

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November 6, 2023


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Space Agency is an exciting Android game that allows players to become the director of their own space agency. The game provides a realistic simulation experience where players have to manage resources, design and launch spacecrafts, and explore new planets. With over 50 missions available in the game, Space Agency promises hours of engaging gameplay.

The graphics of this game are stunningly detailed with intricate designs for every spacecraft and planet. Players can choose from various rockets, satellites, probes, and landers to build their fleet. They also have access to advanced technologies such as ion engines and solar panels that make it easier to explore deep space.

One unique feature of Space Agency is its sandbox mode which lets players experiment with different scenarios without any restrictions or objectives. This mode allows users to test their creativity by designing custom-built spacecrafts that can take on challenging missions.

Overall, Space Agency is an excellent choice for anyone who loves space exploration games. It offers a rich gaming experience with plenty of challenges and rewards along the way. The packageId ‘’ ensures easy installation on any Android device so you can start playing right away!

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