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Smollan Mobile Cloud is an app that enables field teams to manage and execute retail activities in real-time, while providing insights into performance data.

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November 11, 2023


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Smollan Mobile Cloud is an Android app designed to help businesses manage their field sales teams more effectively. The app provides real-time visibility of field activities, allowing managers to track the progress of their team members and make informed decisions based on accurate data.

With Smollan Mobile Cloud, users can easily create and assign tasks to individual team members, monitor their location in real-time using GPS tracking, and receive instant notifications when tasks are completed or delayed. The app also allows for easy communication between managers and team members through built-in messaging features.

One of the key benefits of Smollan Mobile Cloud is its ability to improve efficiency by streamlining processes and reducing paperwork. Field workers can use the app to capture data such as customer feedback, stock levels, and competitor activity, which is then automatically synced with a centralized database accessible by management.

Overall, Smollan Mobile Cloud is a powerful tool that enables businesses to optimize their field sales operations and drive growth. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it an ideal solution for companies looking to enhance productivity and gain greater insights into their field activities.

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