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A free, ad-supported app that allows users to watch YouTube content on their Android TV.

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What is Smart Youtube Tv?

Smart Youtube Tv APK is an app that allows you to watch YouTube videos on your Android TV. The app has a simple and easy-to-use interface, which makes it perfect for those who are not familiar with using apps on their TV. You can search for videos by keyword or browse through the different categories. The app also lets you create playlists so that you can easily access your favorite videos.

Features of Smart Youtube Tv for Android

Smart Youtube Tv is an Android app that allows you to watch YouTube videos on your TV. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface, and it lets you browse through different channels or search for specific videos. You can also create playlists of your favorite videos, and share them with others.

  • Watch youtube videos on a big screen.
  • Play youtube videos in the background while doing other things on your phone.
  • Search for specific youtube channels or topics and subscribe to them.
  • Create custom playlists of your favorite youtube videos.

Benefits of Using Smart Youtube Tv

There are many benefits of using the Smart Youtube TV app. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it allows you to watch YouTube videos on your television. This means that you can enjoy all of your favorite YouTube content without having to be tethered to a computer or mobile device. In addition, the Smart Youtube TV app also offers a number of other features and benefits that make it an appealing option for cord-cutters and streaming enthusiasts alike.

One of the best things about Smart Youtube TV is its intuitive interface. The app’s main menu provides quick access to all of the most popular categories on YouTube, making it easy to find something interesting to watch. What’s more, thanks to integration with Android TV, finding something specific is often as simple as speaking into your remote control; no need to type in lengthy search terms!

Of course, simply being able to watchYouTube videos on your televisionis n’t terribly exciting if those videos are plagued by frequent buffering and poor picture quality. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue withSmart YoutubeTV; streams begin quickly and look great even when viewed on large screen TVs . This is thanks in part due tot he fact that the app relies on Google Cast technology for video playback , which eliminates many of common streaming issues .

Pros and Cons of Smart Youtube Tv:

  • The app is free to use and doesn’t require a subscription.
  • It has a clean, user friendly interface.
  • videos can be played in the background while you continue to browse the app or do other tasks on your phone.

  • The Smart Youtube Tv Android app can be a little difficult to use, and it may take some time to get used to the interface.
  • There are some ads that appear on the bottom of the screen while using the app, which can be annoying for users.
  • The app does not work with all devices, so you may need to check compatibility before downloading.

FAQs Regarding Smart Youtube Tv for android.

When it comes to streaming your favorite shows and movies, there’s no shortage of options available. But if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that offers both free and premium content, Smart YouTube TV is worth checking out. This Android app provides access to an impressive lineup of channels, including many popular ones like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Even better, it integrates with most smart TVs and streaming devices so you can watch on the big screen if you prefer.

1. Q. What is Smart YouTube TV?

A. Smart YouTube TV is a free app that allows you to watch YouTube videos on your television. It provides a number of features that make it easier to find and watch videos, including a search function, a recommendations system, and a way to keep track of your watched videos.

2. Q. How can I use Smart YouTube TV?

A. Smart YouTube TV can be used to watch YouTube videos on your TV. You can also use it to control your TV, search for channels, and browse the internet.

3. Q. What are the benefits of using Smart YouTube TV over other methods of watching television?

A. There are many benefits to using Smart YouTube TV over other methods of watching television. One benefit is that you can watch television on your own schedule. You can also watch television from anywhere in the world. Additionally, Smart YouTube TV offers a variety of features that other methods of watching television do not offer, such as the ability to pause and rewind live television, as well as the ability to watch television in high definition.


Overall, the Smart Youtube Tv apk is a great tool for anyone who wants to be able to access YouTube content from their television. It is easy to use and install, and it provides a wealth of features that make it an essential piece of software for any TV owner.

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