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The Samsung Always On Display app allows users to see important information at a glance on their phone's screen without having to wake it up.

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November 1, 2023


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The Samsung Always On Display app is a great addition to any Android device. This app allows users to customize their phone’s display, even when the screen is off. With this feature, you can choose what information you want to see on your lock screen or home screen without having to turn on your phone.

One of the best things about the Samsung Always On Display app is its ability to save battery life. Instead of turning on your phone every time you need to check the time or notifications, this app displays important information right on your lock screen. This means that you don’t have to waste precious battery power just by checking your phone.

Another great thing about the Samsung Always On Display app is its customization options. You can choose from different clock styles and colors, as well as add widgets for weather updates and music controls. Additionally, there are various themes available that allow you to match your display with your wallpaper or case color.

Overall, the Samsung Always On Display app is an excellent tool for anyone who wants more control over their smartphone’s display. It offers useful features while also saving battery life and allowing for personalization. Whether you’re using a Samsung device or not, this app is definitely worth trying out!

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