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The PS4 Second Screen app allows users to connect their Android device with their PlayStation 4 console for a second screen experience.

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December 20, 2023


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The PS4 Second Screen app is an Android application developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It allows users to connect their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to their PlayStation 4 gaming console. This app provides a second screen experience for gamers, allowing them to control certain aspects of their gameplay from their mobile device.

With the PS4 Second Screen app, players can use their mobile device as a keyboard or touchpad while playing games on their console. They can also view game-related information such as maps, inventory items, and character stats directly on their mobile device without interrupting the gameplay on the TV screen.

Furthermore, this app enables users to access various features of the PlayStation Network (PSN) through their mobile device. Players can check out what games are popular among friends or other players in real-time and join online multiplayer matches with ease. Additionally, they can browse through the PlayStation Store and purchase new games or add-ons using their mobile device.

Overall, the PS4 Second Screen app offers a convenient way for gamers to enhance their gaming experience by providing easy access to important game-related information and additional functionality that complements traditional gameplay. The packageId of this app is ‘’.

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