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'Presets for Lightroom - Koloro' is an android app that offers a wide range of customizable presets to enhance your photos in Adobe Lightroom.

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December 27, 2023


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Presets for Lightroom – Koloro is a popular Android app that has been designed to help users enhance their photos with ease. The app comes packed with numerous presets and filters that can be applied to images, giving them a professional touch in just a few clicks.

With Presets for Lightroom – Koloro, you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience in photo editing as the app does all the hard work for you. It features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate through its various tools and options. Whether you want to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, or add special effects like vignettes and grainy textures, this app has got you covered.

One of the standout features of Presets for Lightroom – Koloro is its vast collection of presets. From vintage looks to modern aesthetics, there’s something here for every type of photographer. Additionally, users have the option to create custom presets based on their preferences and save them for future use.

The packageId of this app is ‘com.cerdillac.persetforlightroom’, which means it can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Overall, if you’re looking for an efficient photo editor that doesn’t require too much time or effort but still delivers impressive results, then Presets for Lightroom – Koloro is definitely worth checking out.

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