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Peeks Social is a live streaming and social networking app that allows users to connect with others through video broadcasts.

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August 10, 2023


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Peeks Social is a popular social media app that allows users to connect with friends, family and followers in real-time. The app lets you share your daily activities through live video streaming, photos, and text messages. With Peeks Social, you can follow other users’ feeds and interact with them by commenting or liking their posts.

One of the unique features of this app is its ability to monetize user-generated content. Users can earn money from their videos by allowing viewers to send virtual gifts during live streams. These gifts are then converted into real cash which can be withdrawn via PayPal.

Another interesting feature of Peeks Social is its built-in chat system which enables users to communicate privately with each other. This makes it easy for people to stay connected without having to switch between different apps.

Overall, Peeks Social provides an engaging platform for individuals who want to share their experiences with others while also earning some extra income on the side. Its simple interface combined with powerful features make it one of the best social media apps available today.

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