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A custom launcher for Android that allows for more customization and personalization than the default launcher.

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December 29, 2023


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With an enormous change in the world of technology, it is the compatibility and ease of use that bothers a user. The same applies for a Smartphone. Smartphone is called “Smart”phone for a reason. A smartphone is able to do work at a faster and productive way unlike a normal phone. However, like said before compatibility and ease of understanding is a big problem for users. The thing that I find suprising about the highly technologically ridden world is that, we could rely on technology no matter what kind of hurdles are in front of us. Quite surprisingly, Technology have found the solution for the lack of compatibility (Surprise, Surprise!). Before we get to the heart of this article, let us go through some serious questions that might make you scratch your head which, I, myself will answer. Without further ado let us move on to the fun and interesting part.

How to get Nova Launcher Prime v5.5.3 Final + Tesla Unread [Latest]?

Well here is how you can get Nova Launcher Prime v5.5.3 Final + TeslaUnread [Latest] for free. Nova launcher is usually downloaded from Playstore but this time around inorder to crack the paid version we have to go through a simple task for getting the said app.

Step I:- Uninstall the Nova Launcher Free version

This is an obvious thing, if you are cracking any sort of application or games, it is important to delete and clean the previous version so that you could install the newer cracked version and run the cracked version. Like wise, uninstall the all files and the application relating to Nova Launcher downloaded from the Playstore. Double check this step before continuing to the following steps

Step II:- Download Nova Launcher Prime

Why should you increase compatibility to make your phone more user-friendly?

Well, to answer this question I’m about to recall the older user interface system of our old handsets. We have a keypad which allow us to unlock the phone unlike going through a series of tests including but not limited to fingerprint scanning found in Smartphones. After that we have a landing screen from where we browse through Calls, Messages and the Suduko game-which are all played using keypad. There was no need for compatibility enhancing sofwares on our old handsets. But in the case of newer smartphones which has a lot of actions in touch. From multitasking to split-window software, we really need a user-friendly app to enhance compatibility.

How to increase the compatibility of your phone?

Well, as said before technology has given the user full rights to use the released softwares in full effect. Most of the users around the globe use certain launchers and softwares to customise their mobile and consequently increasing the overall compatibility of the device. Hence, by using launchers and certain softwares- you can easily increase the compatibility of the device.

Nova Launcher:- What is Nova Launcher? and Why Nova Launcher?

Since we have gone through the need and basics of User-friendly software, it is about time that I mention one among my favourite launcher, Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher is probably one among the best launchers and the app itself facilitates the customisation of your user interface and ultimately letting you to take control of anything related to customisation which range from icon swapping to home screen customisation.

One among the brighter aspects of this launcher is that, it is immensely technical and gives a clear interface for the user. Even though the task is simple, which is to trigger the home button whilst swipping the screen-Nova Launcher gives an excellent quality.

For those who won’t be decieved by the aesthatica or if you are not a big Aesthatic person yourself, Fear not. Nova works perfectly as the way it looks from the outside. Nova Launcher allows you to customize the gestures you use on your device. You can even set up shortcuts to make your Android device shake(How cool is that?!). Next time when you install Nova Launcher, you can change the icons on your phone to your favourite Football team logo or band logo or any sorts of logo. This will surely surprise your friends.

The biggest let down of this app is that the developers are greedy and made most of the better features for paid version alone. Well, there is a thing called T E C H N O L O G Y, Technology which help us crack he paid version and use it for free.

Gestures:- You get to doodle your favourite shapes in the form of various gestures to open your favourite folder and applications and as such.

In order to keep you updated, Nova Launcher comes with an unread badge which will keep a good list of things that you have missed, that is, it will show frequent pop ups to keep you updated about the unread notifications and messages.

Comes with a handy and improvised interface which will surely keep your phone in a good condition without causing much ambiguity whilst browsing through the apps.


How simple is that. You get to use the paid features for free. That is the power of techology. Technology, the one that makes and breaks things at the same time. That is why I prefer Nova Launcher when it comes to Launchers. The launcher has a ton of features that will surely surprise anyone. Download Nova Launcher Prime and Tesla Unread today to enjoy these features. While you are at it, make sure to download the latest version.

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