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NoiseFit is an Android app that helps users track their health and fitness goals by monitoring activity, sleep patterns, heart rate, and more.

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Health & Fitness  

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September 10, 2023


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NoiseFit: Health & Fitness is an Android app that aims to help users lead a healthier lifestyle. The app offers a range of features and tools designed to track fitness progress, monitor daily activity levels, and provide personalized health recommendations.

One of the key features of NoiseFit is its ability to track various types of physical activity such as walking, running, cycling, and more. Users can set goals for their daily steps or distance covered and receive notifications when they meet these targets. Additionally, the app provides detailed insights into each workout session including calories burned, duration, and average heart rate.

NoiseFit also includes a sleep tracking feature which monitors the quality and quantity of sleep each night. By analyzing data on factors like deep sleep time and restlessness during the night, the app provides suggestions for better sleep hygiene practices.

Another useful tool offered by this app is its nutrition tracker which helps users keep track of their food intake throughout the day. Users can log meals manually or scan barcodes to quickly add foods to their diary. The app then calculates total calorie intake and recommends adjustments based on individual weight loss or gain goals.

Overall, NoiseFit: Health & Fitness is a comprehensive wellness application that combines various tools to help users achieve their fitness objectives while maintaining optimal health habits.

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