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This is an IOS-style launcher for Android that gives your phone a sleek, new look.

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August 2, 2023


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Do you love iPhone themes and want them to apply to your Android Device? iOS Launcher can help you in that case. The iOS Launcher APK has the replica of iOS themes and widgets, which will change your android environment to iOS within no minute. And the best part of this application is that it’s free.

Why iOS Launcher?

Many of us want to experience the iOS environment, but it’s a sort of experience for all of us to buy an iOS Device. So, here’s the iOS Launcher, which can turn your android device to iOS from the inside for free. You can enjoy free themes, useful widgets, set live wallpapers, and many more great features without spending a single penny.

Benefits of iOS Launcher APK

As we mentioned, it’s free, but many more extra features are packed inside the iOS Launcher Apk. Here we have gathered a few points you might like about this app.

Smart Search

You can search for applications, files, or settings from the launcher menu. It will show all the similar results to your query.

iPhone Wallpapers

Copy the wallpaper of your iPhone, and set it to the background of your apps or on the lock screen to make your device look even more premium.

Lock Screen Theme

You can apply the same lock screen as iPhone, and it will ask you to enter the passcode as you see on iOS.

Simple Design

The interface of this launcher is too clean and simple, and all the hotkeys are available in the menu section. You can customize buttons with your desired tasks.

Notification Bar

Change the notification bar icons, or push notification theme. You’ll have multiple options to preview notifications and the status bar.

User Experience:

People love this iOS Launcher Apk because it’s simple and clean. There will be no annoying advertisements or sponsored videos on your screen. You’ll get the exact copy of the iOS theme on your device. Also, it works fine on all android versions. So, even if you’re using an outdated Android version, you can still enjoy the launcher and connect with the modern interface.

Enjoy the premium widgets, add gestures and hotkeys to music and other applications, get regular launcher updates, and much more in the list.

Screenshots of IOS Launcher:

Final Comment

So, this was all about iOS Launcher Apk from our side. Let us know if we missed any point or if you want us to mention some significant texts about this launcher. Our comment box is available at the bottom of this article.

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