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Dev Tools(Android Developer) is a comprehensive toolset for Android developers to debug, monitor and analyze their apps.

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July 12, 2023


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Dev Tools(Android Developer) is an essential app for any Android developer, as it provides a variety of tools and utilities that can help them in their day-to-day work. The app has been developed by Trinea, who is a well-known developer in the Android community.

One of the most useful features of Dev Tools(Android Developer) is its ability to view system information such as CPU usage, memory usage, battery status, and more. This can be incredibly helpful when trying to diagnose performance issues with your apps or device.

The app also includes several debugging tools such as logcat viewer and crash report analyzer. These tools allow developers to quickly identify and fix bugs in their code without having to connect their device to a computer.

Another great feature of Dev Tools(Android Developer) is its network monitoring capabilities. It allows you to monitor network traffic on your device, which can be especially useful when testing network-dependent apps.

Overall, if you’re an Android developer looking for a comprehensive set of tools and utilities that can help you develop better apps faster, then Dev Tools(Android Developer) is definitely worth checking out. With its packageId ‘’, this app has already gained popularity among many developers worldwide.

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