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Audiomack Creator-Upload Music is an Android app that allows users to upload and share their music creations with the world.

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December 21, 2023


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Audiomack Creator-Upload Music is an Android app that allows users to upload their music and share it with the world. The packageId of this app is ‘com.audiomack.creators’. With Audiomack Creator, artists can easily upload their tracks, albums, and mixtapes directly from their phone or tablet.

The app features a simple and intuitive interface that makes uploading music a breeze. Users can add artwork, track information, and even set release dates for their music. Once uploaded, the tracks are instantly available on Audiomack’s platform where they can be discovered by millions of listeners around the world.

Audiomack Creator also provides detailed analytics that allow artists to track the performance of their music. They can see how many plays each track has received, where those plays came from, and which countries are listening to their music most frequently. This data helps artists make informed decisions about marketing and promotion strategies.

Overall, Audiomack Creator-Upload Music is a powerful tool for independent musicians looking to get their music heard. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive analytics, it offers everything an artist needs to build a fanbase and grow their career in the competitive world of music.

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