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How to Use Proxy on Android Phone Without Root

Updated on June 25, 2022

Hey Guys, If you are looking for a way on How to Use Proxy on Android Without Root, then you are at right Place. I will guide you about How can you Use Custom Proxy in your Android Device with the help of Simple app. There are Much more benefits for Use Custom Proxies in Android Devices. Using Proxy in your Android device will be beneficial for you. But If you don’t know how to set up / use proxy in android device, then don’t worry, i have explained step by step guide, on How can you Use Proxy With or Without Password in your Device without rooting It. If you want to root your Android Device, then checkout How to Root Android Mobile Without PC. There are many tricks for Android Device are available, Today we are talking about Setting up custom Proxies in Android, So check it out about it now from below.

How to Use Proxy on Android

Many of you are already Know about Proxies, Probably you have also tried Proxies in your PC, but not in Android Device yet. In Below Guide, I have mentioned steps about Setting up proxy in Android device while using WiFi Connection, or Data Connection Without Rooting it. Proxy is kind of intermediary, which will communicate between your Device and Internet Connection, which will help you to browse Internet in safer way. With the help of proxy, your PC will Directly Communicate with Server, instead of Sending data to your ISP first. Checkout Step by Step Guide from below about how to use proxy on android mobile. Using Proxy in Android is very beneficial these days, due to increasing the number of Crimes daily on Internet. Previously, we was shared Airtel 3g trick, in which we have mentioned method about how can you use free data by custom proxy. But it’s not Necessary to use Proxy. If you want to set up proxy in your Android device, then checkout simple steps now from below. Have a look at some benefits for Using Custom Proxies in Android device.

How to Use Proxy on Android
How to Use Proxy on Android

Why We Should Use Proxy in Device?

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  1. Private Browsing, No one will able to track your History, Which Sites you was Accessing.
  2. It will Help you to Save your Bandwidth (data) , because it will serve you Compressed data of sites.
  3. If you use Premium / Paid Proxies, then you will get Faster Browsing / Downloading Speed in Comparison to Using Internet Without Proxy. but if you use free proxies, you may face Slow Internet Speed Issues.
  4. No Sites will be able to Track your Real Location, from where you are accessing your Internet if you want to access some private Sites.
  5. Your Real IP Address will not disclose, it will stay protected, site owners will see your proxy IP, not real IP if you use Proxy in your Device, for more protection.
  6. Access any Kind of Sites, Without any issues at all. So you will no longer face issue of – this site has been blocked in your Country etc.
  7. and much more benefits, checkout how to use Custom proxies in Android now from below.


How to Use Proxy in Android With WiFi Connection

  • At First, Goto SettingsWiFi from your Device, and you will see your Connected WiFi Network here.
  • Long Press in it, and click on Modify Network Option, and you will show some options here.

how to use proxy on android without root

  • Now, Click on Advanced options, and Select Manual Under Proxy Option. and it will show a Window, Enter your Proxy there, and click on OK Button, and you are done.

how to use proxy on android phone

Now you are done, you are using custom proxy of your choice in your Android without any app. But this method is only usable when you are using WiFi Connection in your Phone. if you are using mobile data, or have proxy with password, then checkout below steps.

How To Use Custom Proxy With / Without Authentication in Android

  • At First, Install Drony App in your Device from Play Store
  • Now, Open this app After Install It, Scroll To Right Side in Settings Section, if you are using WiFi Then Select Wi-Fi option from there, else select Settings for not listed networks option if you are using mobile data.

how to use proxy on android mobile

  • Now, Enter your Proxy in Hostname Section, Enter Port, if your proxy is Protected by ID/Password, then Enter Username and Password, else leave blank. So This was the drony proxy settings for use custom proxy.

how to use proxy on android apps

  • Go Back to the Main Screen of App, Click ON Button, and hit OK Button and you are done.

proxy app for android without root

Now your device is running proxies without rooting it. With the help of this app, you can use any kind of proxy, like socks 5, socks 4 etc. This is the best proxy app for android without root, for using custom proxies in android device without even rooting it. So this was the easiest way ever for How to Use proxies in Android Phone without rooting it.

Final Words

This was the Full Guide on how to use custom proxy in Android Device without rooting it. You can use proxy in your Android device, if you have WiFi Connection or mobile data. As I mentioned earlier, using custom proxies in android device is much more beneficial, so must try this Guide once. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more cool android tricks like this – Missing Tricks.

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