How to Uninstall System Apps on Android Without Root

Updated on June 25, 2022

Uninstall System apps on Android Without Root

After Buying a new Android device, What We get in it? Some Good apps like Calculator, Contacts, Phone, Gallery app etc right. But There are some other third apps, which comes pre-installed in our device which we don’t need is called bloatware. Some apps like Amazon, Ola, Uber etc comes pre installed in some of the devices, which can make your phone more slower. If you don’t like These apps, which comes pre-installed in devices, also known as System apps, I will tell you about that how can you Remove these apps from your device completely.

What We will Be Talking about in This Guide?

  1. How to Remove System apps Without root in Android

In This Guide, We will use a Software called as Debloater, which can work in any Android device without even rooting it. We was shared some cool guides regarding rooting your phone without pc, uninstalling system apps with rooted device etc. Some Manufacturers also adds Games in your device, which will cost your mobile balance for play those games. So If you are looking for a way to completely remove system apps from your android without even rooting it, then you can follow this guide, it will help you.

uninstall system apps without root

Uninstall Pre-installed apps from Android Without Root

There are many Guides are available for Uninstalling System apps with rooted Android device, with the help of simple apps. But if you phone is not rooted, then you don’t have complete control over your device. You can not modify system files of your device without rooting it. But There is one simple way, for uninstall system apps android without root with the help of one PC Software. If you are searching about system app remover no root apk, then there is no apk available like that you have to use simple PC software, which I have mentioned below. Also checkout Best VR Video player apps.

Tested and Working on

Oneplus 2

Will Work on Other Devices Too!!!

Requirements for Follow this Guide

For follow this guide, let’s have a look at some of the basic requirements now from below, Which will help you to remove preinstalled bloatware from your Android device without rooting it.

  1. Debloater Software – Download
  2. Android Device running on Android 4.4 or more.
  3. USB Debugging Must Be Enabled from your Phone.
  4. USB Drivers for your device must me installed in your PC.

How To Uninstall System apps (Pre-installed) Without Root

  • Simply Download and Install Debloater software in your PC, from above link in requirements, then open it after successful Installation.
  • Then Make sure you have enabled USB Debugging in you device, if not done then follow these steps.

Goto Phone Setting – about phone – tap 7 times on Build Number.

Then Goto Settings – Developer Options – Enable USB Debugging.

remove system apps without rooting

  • After Enable USB Debugging, make sure ADB Drivers for your Device in PC already installed, if not then search on google regarding your device’s drivers and install them.
  • Now Connect your Device with your PC / Laptop via USB Data cable.
  • Now Click on Read Device Packages button from Debloater Software in your PC.

how to remove system apps without root in android

  • Wait for few seconds, it will show you all installed apps  in your device.

uninstall system apps android without root

  • Double Click on Any app of your choice which you want to Disable / Uninstall and then click on Apply Button.

how to uninstall system apps before rooting

  • and you are done, now you will not see that app which you uninstalled from your device via Debloater software from your PC.

Warning – Uninstalling Important System apps like Framework.apk can cause bootloop of your device (brick) so uninstall only that apps which don’t need to run your device properly like email app etc. I am Not responsible for anything wrong happen with your device, if does so then comment below I will try to help you out.

So This was the easiest way ever, for Uninstalling System apps from your Android device without even rooting it. If you have any further question or suggestions regarding this post, then please drop a comment below, I will try to help you out. Also have a look at Best Apps for Dim Screen Brightness. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned here for more cool stuffs like this !

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60 thoughts on “How to Uninstall System Apps on Android Without Root”

  1. I m using Asus Zenfone 2 and it contains too much inbuilt apps.
    So is this trick applied to remove Inbuilt apps of Zenfone 2??

  2. am jose mcnee. an fun of ur tricks as some calls it but i call it the magic of android. am happy bcoz of ur website it really help thanks

  3. Brother! I am Vishal. I used Kingroot to root my phone(Galaxy On7) and when I reboot my phone the root was gone. I tried rooting again, but it was not happening. I tried uninstalling kingroot but it was installed as a system app. There was an option to uninstall kingroot in the app but that too is not working. Help me…

  4. Hi.. i want to ask if you already try this.. Can i remove or disable google now and google voice search with this? May i ask, if it safe to remove google now and google voice search?

  5. Hi
    In my vivo y31L, my house v1.0 is treated as system app and is a suspected by avg antivirus.
    Is this app is harmful? Earlier this message was not there. May be it comes from internet or by the time I upgrade Android version.
    Plz tell me how to remove this.

  6. I want to remove su from system/bin and system/xbin.I
    had root but by mistake I deleted superuser without unrooting.I used rar app to see that I had su file in bin and xbin but i can’t delete it without root access.I want to regain root access but without unroot I can’t.

  7. Bro i am using galaxy j5,i have updated it from lollipob 5.1.1 to marsmello 6.0.1 it contains many unuseful apps for me like ms excel,word,drive……can i use this method.

  8. Bro i have updated my galaxy j5 from lollipop 5.1.1 to marsmello 6.0.1 i not like marsmello 6.0.1 so how to downgrade my galaxy j5 without pc/laptop.plz reply

  9. I think it doesnt remove system apps….it just disables them…..what is the use of this tool then when i can do that manually :/ i wanted to remove the apps hence freeing some of the memory from the phone’s internal memory 🙁

    • some apps can’t be disabled. so this tool is created for disable those kind of apps. without rooting Android system don’t allow to modify you system files, so any tool can’t remove system apps completely without rooting.

  10. you can’t remove stuff / app / things from system partition which is mounted as readonly period. Apps it can disable Yes. You don’t need any specific tools you can do it pretty much from setting apps.

    While tutorial like these may be useful, i strongly recommend posting technical details without confusing users outthere.

  11. I have a tablet. There are many apps which are new but few of them are old like file manger,messaging, etc. I want to remove such apps. And sometimes e mail not responding! Can you have any solution , why this happens ?


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