Top URL Shortner Websites for Share long URL’s

Updated on June 25, 2022

Best url Shortner Websites: Hey Fellas, In this Tutorial I am gonna tell you some of the best URL shortener websites which you can use for sharing long URLs to short. If you active on Social media websites, then you may have noticed that people share URLs on sites like Facebook. If your URL is too big, and you share it directly then it looks like little funny. According to me, Long URLs not look good when we share it. Short URLs looks sweet and people more likely to click on that. So if you also want to short big URLs to small one, then you may have to look at some of the best URL Shortener websites. These websites are fully free to use, may charge for some pro Features. So let’s have a look at them now from below.

Benefits of Using URL Shortener websites

  • People click more on Short URL in comparison to Long URL.
  • Small URL looks cool.
  • Track how much people clicked on your URL.

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Best URL Shortener Websites List for Shrink Long URLs

#1 –

Bitly is one of the Most popular URL Shortener website. This website can Short long URLs to smaller one easily. You can also create customised URL with this website. This app is completely free to use. Bitly also offers paid plans for create more short links. You can create Short URLs without sign up too, but it’s recommended to use Bitly after sign up because it offers advanced links click reports once you sign in with your account. So visit Bitly now from below and enjoy sharing long Urls on anywhere you want.

Example URL:-

Benefits of

  • API Support.
  • Track Link click count on daily basis.
  • Dedicated Support Team.

   Visit Bitly

bitly best Url shortener website

#2 –

Yet another awesome URL Shortener website for Shrink long URLs to smaller one. This is Google’s official URL Shortener website, which anyone can use for convert long URL to smaller one. This website let you create long URLs to smaller one easily without paying anything. You can login with your Google account at this website and shrink links. Many people use this website for share Urls because it’s Google’s official Website. You can use this website on your any Device. Also have a look at Mobile app if you shrink Urls on daily basis, it will be helpful for you.

Example URL:-

Benefits of

  • Fully Free to Use, No Paid Plan.
  • Advanced Link click Tracking – Know in Which Browser / Operating System / Country Link is Clicked.
  • Easy to Use UI.

   Visit url shortener

#3 – Tinyurl

This is very basic Website, which allow you to shrink long URLs to smaller one without any cost. You can short unlimited URLs with the help of this website. They don’t restrict you to create any number of Short URL. Browser toolbar also available for Tinyurl for shrink urls in more faster way. This website also have a preview tool, which you can enable after visit this Website. You can click on any Tinyurl link, it will show you redirecting URL. You can see the URL and decide you want to visit that website or not. Cool right? Visit TinyURL now from below and have a look at it.

Example URL:-

Benefits of Tinyurl

  • No Need to Login/Sign up.
  • Allow to Shrink URL like Affiliate Links.

   Visit TinyURL

tinyurl convert url to small

#4 –

This is one of the cool URL shortener website. This website have some good features, which other websites don’t provide. This website let you shrink long Url, Customize them for free. If you want to short URLs with your own domain name, then you have to purchase pro plan from this website, but it’s only require if you are a developer. For normal usage, this website doesn’t charge anything. This website provide some features like QR Code, Export users data which makes this website different and specific from other websites. So must try this website once and use it whenever you want for free.

Example URL:-

Benefits of

  • QR Code for share, Let people scan and visit your page link a Boss ?.
  • Track Referrer Sites – From traffic is coming at your link.
  • Export Data like User’s IP, Location, Date in CSV or XLSX format.

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best url shotener website

#5 – – Earn Money for Share URLs

Want to earn some money by share Urls? This website can let you earn real money if you join it. You can sign up at this website, shrink Urls and share on various websites like Facebook/WhatsApp etc and you will earn money when people click on your Link. This website don’t pay big, but you can earn smaller amount. If you share your URL on social media websites, then you can use this URL Shortener website and share your Long Urls. This website can let you earn some extra money for sure. So simply have a look art this website from my referral URL, and try it once.

Example URL:-

Benefits of

  • Earn Money by Sharing URLs.
  • Working with most countries, hence sites like already blocked in many countries.
  • Integrated Script for Use on Website, Automatically Short all Urls at once.


earn money with best url shortener

Final Words

So guys, these was the top websites list which you can use for Shrink big URL’s to Small URL’s and share on various websites like Facebook, own blogs etc. These websites will help you to share big URL’s on any website. So try these websites once and let me know which is your favourite website. You can simply comment below if you have found any other good website for short URLs. Thanks for reading this article, Stay tuned here at our blog for more cool Tips & Tricks regarding Android, Peace out!

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