Share your Airtel 3g/4g Data With Family & Friends

Updated on June 25, 2022

Share Airtel Data

Hey Guys, Airtel Have Started Data Sharing Service Few Days back. In Which, you can share your 3G/4G Data with your Friends or Family. This offer is exclusively Launched by Airtel. In which, you have to Recharge your Airtel SIM Card with Data pack & Your other Family members can use your Data Pack too. Previously, we was shared Airtel 3G Trick. This Facility is available only for Airtel Customers. If you want to share your Internet Pack with your Family, then you have to add their Number in your Data Sharing List first. Then, As they use data, your Data balance will be cut.

Airtel 3G / 4G Data Pack Sharing

If you have Big Family, or have some friends, who wants to Use Internet, this offer will be suitable for you. With this offer, you can recharge big internet pack, & use it in your All Friend’s Sim Cards. This Service is pretty good, which is launched by Airtel Recently. As you know, that Small Internet Packs Costs Much & Big Internet Packs Costs Low. So Some people can Recharge big Internet pack by collection money & Share data with Each other & you can save some money.

Share airtel data
Share Airtel data

This is the easiest tutorial for Internet data mb transfer  in your Airtel Sim card. Now, you can share your data pack with others, from your Sim card. this Guide is fully based on Transferring Data packs. so you must try out this new service for sure. This service, will work for you in 3G/4G or in 2g mode. you can share your net pack with any person. you can send or receive data packs with anyone with this Tutorial. This code will surely work for you, without any issue. i have added 2 methods, for sharing data packs. which is very good & easy to use.For use this guide, be sure that both persons have same operator, which must be Airtel.

How to Share Airtel 3G / 4G Internet Pack with your Friends or Family

  • At First, You Need to recharge your Number With 3G or 4G packs for Share your Internet pack.
  • Then, Check your Airtel Internet Data balance by Dialing *123*11#
  • If you have enough data pack for share, then open Airtel Data Pack share Page from below     Airtel Data Share Offer Page
  • Now, Enter Your Mobile Number here, & Enter your Airtel Password or One time password, which you will get in your phone number.
  • After Successfully Login, Enter Airtel Number of your Choice, in which you want to share your Data pack.
Airtel data pack share
Airtel data pack share
  • After that, It will show you a Success SMS & you are done.

Once you add a number in your list, then if your friend use data, then your data pack will cut.

Alternate Method for Add Number for Share Data Pack (Without Internet)

If you want to add some number, in which you want to share your data pack. then you have also an Alternate method for this. you can Add number in your Family List via Sending a Simple Message. Which is mentioned below. Check it out. you just have to send a simple sms, which is given below, it will not charge you even single rupee. it’s free SMS, you can add max 4 numbers in your Airtel 3G data sharing list. so check it out from below.

  • Open Message app of your phone, & Write – ADD <number> & Send To 121
  • For Example – ADD 9999999999 & Send to 121
Share airtel data
Share Airtel data


you can add maximum 4 numbers in your data pack sharing list.

How to Delete Airtel Data Pack Sharing Number, Which you was Added Earlier.

If you have added any number in your data sharing List, & they are using more data than usual , or for any other reason you want to remove his / her number from your data sharing list, then you can Send following SMS from your Airtel number, from where you was added number in your data sharing list. this way, you can remove his / her number & he / she will not be able to use your data anymore. checkout sms details from below.

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    • At First, Open SMS app from your Phone, & Enter – DEL <number> & Send it to 121

  • For Example – DEL 9999999999 & Send to 121

delete number from airtel share


Once, you deleted number from data pack sharing list, then your friend will not be able to use your data. but, you can also add number again in your sharing list, & they will be able to use your data again then. so it’s a very good feature from Airtel. you can add number in your sharing list by sending sms or by Airtel Data Sharing site. it’s very easy now. If you have any more confusion, then feel free to comment below. or you have any suggestions, then it will help me.

For Check Airtel Data pack Balance dial *123*11#

share airtel internet mb
share Airtel data plan

For Send Airtel Data Pack, After Add Number in the List

Now, you have successfully added number in your data pack sharing list. you have to send data packs to your friends, which numbers you have added in your list. you can also delete number from your list. so if you wants to share your data packs, just checkout below easy steps, which will work for you instantly.

For Send 10MB Airtel Data To Friends

  • For send, 10MB Data pack to another friend, dial this USSD Code – *141*712*11* Beneficiary Airtel Number#

Example :- *1418712*11*9876543210#

  • Now, Press dial button after add number in your list.
  • follow on-screen instructions, & then you will be able to send Data packs.

Note – 1 Rs Transaction Charges will apply.

For Send 25 MB Airtel Data To Friends

If you want to send 25MB Airtel 3G/4G data packs with your friends, then just checkout below steps.

  • For send or Transfer 25MB data pack to your friend / family, whose number you have added in your List, Dial *141*712*9*Beneficiary AirTel Number#

Example :- *1418712*9*9876543210#

Note – 1 Rs Transaction Charges will apply.

your 25 MB data pack will be sent instantly to another person’s number , he must be using Prepaid sim card, only then you will be able to transfer data packs. you just have to dial USSD code & confirm it. it’s very easy & simple process.

For Send 60 MB Airtel Data To Friends

  • For transfer Airtel 3G or 4G data with another person, Dial This USSD Code, from your Dialer – *141*712*4*Beneficiary AirTel Number#

Example :- *1418712*4*9876543210#

  • Follow on-screen instructions & you will be able to send data packs to another person.

Note – 1 Rs Transaction Charges will apply.

So this was the easy tutorial, for transfer your Airtel data packs with your friends or Family, it’s very easy process, which you can use for sending data packs. this service is only valid for Airtel to Airtel customers, who are using Prepaid Connection. data connection will be shared instantly, you will be charges 1 rs from your main balance, for share your internet packs. also checkout your main balance, by Dial *123# simply, if you have enough data pack & balance, then you can transfer data packs easily.

Note – Data Transfer is Only Available for Prepaid Customers, Not Valid for Postpaid Customers.

Transfer Internet data from Idea to Idea

Above, it was the full tutorial about how to share Internet packs from Airtel sim card to another sim cards. Idea also have Data share offer, which you can use for send your Idea Internet packs from one sim card to another, checkout full tutorial from below.

data pack share
data pack share
  • At first, visit Idea Data Share Offer Page from here – Idea Data Share
  • Now, It will open Idea Data pack share page, Scroll Down at the bottom of the page, & Simply Select your operator from here.


  • After that, Make sure you have data pack activated in your idea sim card. if you have not activated already, then just Activate some data packs from here.
  • If you have data packs, for share it with your friends, then just dial *121*121# or login here.

Note – you can share both 2g & 3g data packs

  • Then Follow on Screen Instructions & transfer data pack from your idea sim card.

Also See – Full Idea Data Pack Share Guide

This was the very easy way, to transfer data packs from Idea sim cards. it’s very easy feature by Idea, like Airtel. you can share your data packs via USSD Code, or via Idea website ( Link available above). so enjoy idea internet packs, & also share it with others & share happiness.

Transfer Internet data from Vodafone to Vodafone

If you want to share data packs from Vodafone Sim card to Another Vodafone sim card, then you have to wait for some more months. because, Vodafone currently not enabled data packs share service. we hope, they will enable data pack share service soon.

Transfer Internet data Mobile Pack from Aircel to Aircel

If you are looking for a way, to send / transfer data packs from Aircel to Aircel sim cards, then you must checkout this Guide from below. We have added step by step Guide below. which will work perfectly for you without having any issues. Just Dial Below USSD code , and enjoy this offer.

  • At First, Dial *121*776# from your Aircel sim card
  • Add Number of your Friend of Family, from Aircel, you can add upto 7 numbers one time.
  • Follow On Screen Instructions and it will work perfectly for you.

Checkout Full Aircel Data Share Guide.

Transfer Internet data from Tata Docomo to Tata Docomo

There is no way, to send Data packs from DoCoMo to DoCoMo . But, there is a service, which you can use to send main data balance from one Docomo Sim card to another.

Transfer Internet data pack from BSNL to BSNL

Unfortunately, BSNL Also doesn’t provide, any way for transfer data packs from one sim card to another. there is no hope in near future, that they will start this service. keep checking this post, for any updated on this service.

Final Words

So Guys, This was the Offer by Airtel, In which you can share your 3G or 4G Data with your Friends or Family. Sharing With Family Is very important for us. We share all things with our friends/family, then why don’t we share Data packs? Because there was no service like this in past. But, now Airtel Rocking with new services every day. So check it out. Also Feel Free to comment below if you have any issues regarding this post or any suggestions. Keep visit here for get more offers like this. Thanks for visiting ! 😀

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  1. do you have mind? you are giving an add that all airtel customers can share their 3G data with their friends and families. well we are doing all the procedure and we are adding our family numbers. after adding it is not showing any option to share the internet. please work on these problem. it is easier to share data in idea network. and by the way you are also saying that we can share data by sending an message to 121. this option is not working. please fix it

    • read post carefully. i have already told, that if you add any member in ur list, then if he / she use data, then automatically data balance will cut from your sim card

      • na katra bhai sb glt da rkha ha pgl bna dia sala itna dr tk dimg lgaya aadd krlia messge ke thw pr ab bhi data ke bl cut gya net chlne pr

  2. I have shared my data to my wife number as per the above procedure. But how to use the data shared? Is there any steps to be followed? do we switch on wifi etc…please clarify.

  3. When i tried to delete my family plan
    ..they asked me “to confirm Reply with 1”
    I replied with 1…then they asked “to remove yourself from the account…but still I can’t delete my family plan
    ..but I added only one person….I contacted 121..they said only customer can do the deletion.. Plzzz tell me the solutions

  4. I have a Airtel 4G dongle (wifi modem – postpaid).. can i share the internet to my mobile (postpaid / prepaid sim, anyone).. Otherwise if i am having the 4G dongle prepaid connection, then is it possible to share the internet to my mobile ? I hope the dongle also having the sim only, so can you please confirm this…

  5. brother has shared my airtel 3g data without my knowledge.. i cudn’t find to which number he has shared. I wish to unshare the data. is there any possibility to find the mobile number to which my data has been shared?

    • It is easy to find. You “how to share data on airtel “there will be a link which shows a port to type ur mobile no. .. do it then u can see the nos that is beneficial for your data pack

  6. My wife added me to my family sharing pack, so she became admin, now her pack is exhausted, I deleted myself from the group by sending the procedure u told above, I have been deleted n now I want to add my wife to my family pack so I tried to delete her but its not getting done coz she is admin, I tried n followed every possible procedure but its not getting done, can u plz help me out? Its Airtel to Airtel..

  7. i have data pack in my other sim card but i already have an airtel family of 3 members which include my no. and my 2 family members now i want to share my data from my second sim but i am not able to either add it or delate it when i add it shows that no. is already a part of another family what should i do now? how should i share data from my sim 2 to sim 1 and my other 2 family members i dont have data in my sim 1

  8. a frnd has shared internet on my no. but internet mbs are not started on my phone. how it will be avail? is there any code pls tell

  9. I have added number in family share but unable to process further done. and also i have trying to share data throught the all USSD code like. *141*712*9*Beneficiary AirTel Number# but unable to process…can you please explain me… where i can put Data size in MB to my family member ? this things trying to since 2 week and also 5 to 10 time called up to Airtel CC… but still not Done

    • The one things is one more I have successfully added family member number in family share and its also shown in airtel app but what I Do NEXT ??/

  10. I added one number in Airtel internet sharing plan and port my Sim to Vodafone and forget to Del that number from internet sharing plan…….how can I delete that number from that plan as I m not Airtel user now. Plz help as I can’t use internet in that added number , it is showing u don’t have internet balance in admin no.

  11. I heard Reliance JIO will provide data sharing in postpaid as well that to with 10 times high speed than exiting 4G speeds provided in market.. Is it true..

  12. I have shared my data pack with my friend… now I want to disconnect her from my family to remove her???plzzz tell me

  13. After sharign data as you suggested my all 8gb 3g data become zero and then i remove shared number but it is still showing Zero,what is this.

  14. Is it mandatory to keep mobile data on so that member can use data? And one more thing how will member know that I can use any his/her. I mean member didn’t get any notification.

  15. if i want to use data from two numbers, like if i am using my fathers data and when the data balance is less can i use my brothers data too without deleting my number from my dads cellfone??

  16. i have created my family and have used this services from one year, now i have remove all user from my family and want to delete my family , and i want to add myself to another family, but the new family is unable to add me , error is i am already having a family so my number cant be added in two family, , kindly tell me how delete my family as i want to add my self in a new family,


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