How to Send Blank Message in Whatsapp (3 Ways)

Updated on June 25, 2022

How to Send Blank Message in Whatsapp: You must have seen some peoples on Facebook who make “Blank” comments, yes Blank or empty comment. You must be shocked by seeing that kind of comments. Its too rare & very less known trick which very less peoples know now. Like blank comment on Facebook ,you can send blank messages on WhatsApp too. Yes you read that right, you can now send blank messages on WhatsApp to prank your friends. There is nothing impossible for android in any area of it, there are many tricks & tips for android and WhatsApp which can help you to make many impossible things possible.

Whatsapp Blank Message

Sending blank messages on WhatsApp wasn’t possible before but it is possible now , we here at Missing Tricks found a trick to send blank messages on WhatsApp to make your friends WoW. Your friend will believe on his eyes , this is the most amazing tricks which is very rare and less known. Main Purpose of Sending Blank message in Whatsapp is just for Prank with Friends, and Make them confuse how you are able to Send Them Blank Message? They will also try to type a Space and send you, but they will not be able to do so, because there is some different method, if you want to send blank message in whatsapp. We was also shared Crash Friend’s Whatsapp Account with Whatsapp Bomber app. So Read All Possible Ways for send blank message in Whatsapp now from below.

Send Blank Message in Whatsapp

How To Send Blank Messages On WhatsApp To Prank Your Friend

You can send blank message on WhatsApp by following any of the method mentioned below. We have mentioned 3 Different methods step by step, for How can you send blank message in Whatsapp easily. There are many ways for sending blank message in whatsapp, but some of the best ways, for how to send blank message in Whatsapp, i will mention below. Checkout step by step guide on how to send blank message in whatsapp from below.

#1 How to Send Blank Message in whatsapp with NoWord App

This is the most simplest method among all to send blank a message on WhatsApp. In this method you need to download the below app to send blank message on WhatsApp, there are several apps available to this but we will suggest you the best . You can also use Whatsapp on your PC, with the help of Remix OS. Checkout How to Install Remix OS in PC.

  • First of all download the this app from Play Store :- NoWord
  • Now install the above downloaded app on your android phone, via play store.

First go to settings > security and enable the installation from unknown sources for install this Application, because it’s not available on Google Play Store.


  • After installing the app, open the app the from app drawer.
  • On the startup screen of the app you will see a blank empty box , and below the box you will find a send button.
  • Click on that send button , now it will ask you that on which app you want to send this blank message
  • Now select WhatsApp from the list .
  • After selecting WhatsApp now select any of your contact to which you want to send a blank message.

Done 🙂 now you have  successfully  sent the blank message.

Now lets see the second method to send a blank message on WhatsApp to prank your friend. This method is based on PC trick, so you need PC / laptop for follow below method. Checkout easy steps now from below.


#2 Send Blank Message in Whatsapp By Using A NotePad On Your PC

This is another great and simple method to send a blank message to any of your WhatsApp contact to amaze them. You need a PC to use this trick , if you don’t have a PC or laptop then you can try the 1st method by downloading a third party app.  If you want to Create Fake Whatsapp Conversation, then checkout this method. So Have a look at easy way for sending blank message in whatsapp from android from below.

Follow below steps to use this method to send a blank message on WhatsApp :

In your PC , open the notepad text editor.

  • In the notepad text editor, either type ALT+255 or type ALT+0160.
  • Now after typing ALT+255/ ALT+0160 on your keyboard, there will be a blank space added to your notepad.
  • Save the blank space on your computer, or press CTRL+C from your Keyboard.
  • You need to transfer above saved file to your android phone from your computer.
  • You can transfer that file by using a data cable or any other method like Bluetooth.
  • After transferring the BlankSpace.txt file to your android phone, open it by using any text viewer.
  • Once you open the file in text viewer, tap and hold on the blank space to copy the blank space.
  • Now open your WhatsApp and select any contact whom you want to prank by sending a blank message.
  • Now simply paste the copied content which you copied from that blankspace.txt file.
  • Now click on send and send the message.
  • DONE !


You can also Send That Blank Message from your PC Directly via PC Whatsapp

Now your friend will receive the completely blank message. This is second method by which you can send a blank message to your friend. Checkout Third Method about How to Send Blank Message in Whatsapp.


#3 Send Blank Message in Whatsapp By Sending An Unidentified Character.

This is 3rd method by which you will be able to send blank empty messages to your WhatsApp contacts. There are many characters of different different languages which are unidentifiable by the WhatsApp. Since the character will not be identified by WhatsApp, it will show the blank message to the recipient. We was also shared some cool Whatsapp Tricks, check it out. This is the one of the easiest way ever for sending blank message in whatsapp.

You can find and download these characters from Google, or download them from the below link –

Download unidentified characters from HERE.

Send a Blank Message on WhatsApp with Blank Text

  • After downloading the characters from the above link, transfer it to your android device ( if you are downloading it on your PC)
  • Open the file now, from your Phone via any text editor app.
  • Copy the unidentified character now , the unidentified character is between the quotes ” ﱞ”
  •  Now paste this character on WhatsApp .
  • Don’t forget to remove the quotes “” from the pasted message, if you don’t remove the quotes then the message will not be showed as a blank message.


  • Now after deleting the quotes send the message to any of  your WhatsApp contact to prank them.

and you are done, it will send blank message to your friends easily. So this is how you can you send blank messages on WhatsApp to prank your friends. We showed you three best and working methods by which you can send a blank message on WhatsApp. Keep sending this blank messages to your friends or any of your WhatsApp contact to prank them , they all will be amazed by seeing this kind of blank messages. As we said that this is a very rare trick and very less numbers of peoples know about trick so you can use this trick to become smart in front of your friends, let keep them asking the trick from you.

Final Words

These all 3 methods are very easy and simple to use, and all these methods are 100 ℅ working …. I personally tested this methods and found all of them working. Still if you face any kind of issue during using any of the above method then do comment below & feel free to ask us. We are always happy to help you. Enjoy Send blank message on Whatsapp trick from here. Also if you want any other trick to be posted here or want to share any great trick which you know then do share it with us, we will post it here. Keep visiting Missingtricks to know awesome tips and tricks to Make your android device more smarter. Thanks.

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