How to Replace Kingroot with Supersu in Android (Full Guide)

Updated on June 25, 2022

replace kingroot with supersu: Hey Guys, This is the easiest Guide for Replace / Remove Kingroot/Kinguser app with Supersu / Superuser in  android phones. If you Have rooted your Android Phone & Using Kingroot app, then you may have using Kingroot or Kinguser app in your Phone. In Some conditions, kingroot app is not performing Properly for gain root access to some apps. previously, we was shared top apps for rooted android phone. So for some reasons, if you want to change Kingroot to supersu, then you can follow below easy guide. If your Device is MTK, then you need To root your Device with the help of Kingroot. As you know, kingroot have some comptiable issues with some apps, and it’s don’t have all features which must be in a root controller app. if you want to switch from Kingroot to supersu, then you can follow below Guide easily. You will be able to Install Supersu in your Device, and you can remove kingroot in future if you need. We have added 2 Different Methods for change kingroot to supersu easily in 1 minute. Checkout all methods now from below.

replace kingroot with supersu

This method will work in Almost all android phones, without PC. you can remove Supersu & Install Kingroot instead in your phone with this Guide. Many people are looking for replace kingroot & use super su. If you try to install super su app from play store, then it will ask you to update su binary, unfortunately, it will not work. so you need CWM or any other Custom recovery for flash Super su zip. But in many android phones, development level is low, so custom recovery is not available. So this guide, is created for those users. Check it out now from below. also checkout some cool Whatsapp Tricks, for use WhatsApp in more good way. You can replace kingroot and use supersu on your phone right now with the guide I have mentioned below. So Simply have a look at below how it can be done.

replace kingroot supersu
replace kingroot supersu

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Kingroot VS SuperSU

Supersu is complicate with almost all apps, in android. kingroot may case some issues, while giving root permissions to apps. Like, we was experimenting with Hide my root app, when i was tried to Hide su binary, then it was showed an error message, like Hide Su Binary failed. So I was replaced Kingroot with supersu, then it was worked completely fine. So in some cases, Supersu is better than kingroot. checkout some basic requirements for use this guide. This is the one of the best, and safer way for replacing kingroot with supersu in your device, and yu will be able to use supersu in your device without any issues with below tutorial.

Requirements Before replace kingroot with supersu

If you want to remove kingroot from your phone, and want to use Supersu instead, then you need some things ready, which i have mentioned below. Checkout some of the requirements, before you replace kingroot with Supersu easily.


How to Easily Replace Kingroot With Supersu in any Android Phone

For Use this app, you need terminal emulator app in your device. This method is working in most of the android devices. This method is only for some of the basic / advanced users of android. If you are newbie, then you have to use Alternate method, which is mentioned after this post.

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  • At First, Install Terminal Emulator in your Android Phone, if you haven’t installed it already.
  • After that, Extract Zip file in root of your SD card & in Internal Storage both, which you was downloaded above, named as
  • Then, Open Terminal Emulator in your Phone & Type Below Commands one by one & hit enter
  • After Enter above Command, it will ask you for Root permissions, Grant Root permissions & Enter below command.
sh /sdcard/mrw/
  • Now, it will start running script & you have to wait for some time, approx 2-3 minutes, make sure your mobile data is turned on.
  • After it’s Done, Now Open your App Drawer, & you will see there is the super su app come. Just open it
  • Now, it will ask you for update Superuser binary, Click on Continue button & Select Normal Mode
  • It may ask you that, other party root apps are already installed, so you have to click on OK button & it will remove Kingroot app from your phone & Supersu app will come & you are done ! 😀

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also checkout one alternate method from below, if you have any issues, while using this guide. Previously, we was shared How to Unblock Sites in Android Phone. You can Follow above Simple Guide, and it will work for sure, we have also tested it and working completely fine. You can Easily Follow Step by step Guide, and it will work. If you have some issues with kingroot / kinguser app, or you don’t like this app, and want to replace it and install Supersu in your Device, then This Tutorial is Specially For you. Also Have a look at Latest Whatsapp DP Collection, for enjoy Latest Whatsapp DP in your Device. You can Simply Drop a Comment below, if you have any kind of issues while following this Guide.

Some users are reporting that their device stucked on boot logo after follow this tutorial, so please keep stock rom ready with you in case anything goes wrong.

replace kingroot with supersu
replace kingroot with supersu

Alternate Method for Replace Kingroot With Supersu

If you have any kind of issues, while following above mentioned Guide, then you can simply Follow Below Tutorial for Replace Kingroot with Supersu. If you are newbie, and you have some issues while following above mentioned Guide, then you must follow below simple tutorial, for enjoy Kingroot in your Device. Also Checkout Facebook Social Toolkit for all kind of Facebook Scripts. This Tutorial is Specially for those, who don’t want to use codes, and for newbie. This Tutorial will work for sure, it’s apk method for replace kingroot with supersu. Also Checkout How to Install Remix OS in PC, for Enjoy Android in PC.

  1. At First, Download Supersu Me app from here – Download supersu me pro apk
  2. Now, Install app in your Phone, like any other normal app, and it will start installing the app, depend on your phone’s performance, that how much time it will take to complete installation.
  3. Now, After successfully install, just open it, & it will ask you for root permissions, click on Grant button, which will give superuser permissions to this app. so let’s continue to next steps.
  4. Now, After open app it will show you a big green android, just tap on it normally, and then continue to next steps.
  5. It will start replacing Kingroot with supersu , it will take about 1 minute to complete process, it may take more time, if your phone’s performance is low, wait some time and let it be done. maximum it will take 2-3 minutes for complete the process.
  6. Then, it will Automatically Launch Supersu app, Now Enjoy Supersu app, instead of Kingroot 😀
  7. Now, you can Uninstall Supersu me app & Enjoy supersu app in your phone without paying anything.

SO Guys, this was the easy guide on replace kingroot with supersu xda guide, for delete kingroot from your device, and use supersu in it. supersu me apk is one of the best way for replace kingroot with supersu easily. Supersu is far better that kingroot in all conditions. Kingroot shows chinese language, which is not able to understand by every person. So you have to Replace kingroot in your Phone, and use Supersu instead of Kingroot.

Video Tutorial for Replace Kingroot With Supersu with Supersume App

Here is the video tutorial, which you can follow for replacing kingroot with supersu, with the help of simple Supersume app in your android device. There are also some other methods available, but this method is the one of the best method ever. If you have any confusion, while follow this guide, then checkout video guide now from below.

Note – This Guide is tested by me on Intex Aqua star 5.0. So you may try this guide at your own risk. i am not responsible for anything wrong happen with your device. If you have any issues, or needed help then feel free to comment below. i will try my best to help you.

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change kingroot to supersu

So Guys, this was the complete guide on how to replace kingroot and use supersu. now don’t use any chinese app, for manage root permissions in your android. also check Latest Whatsapp DP Collection. Just use branded Supersu app, which is very best and popular for every android phone. you may try out this method once, if you are facing any issues while using kingroot app. many of the users are using kingroot and sometimes it create issues in phones. so checkout this guide for replace kingroot and use supersu app in your phone. also have a look at How to Hide root access in Android Device.

Final Words

So Guys this was the easiest tutorial, for Replace Kingroot app with super su. I have added 2 different methods in this post, one of them will surely work for you without any issues. You must checkout the Guide for How to use WiFi Kill app for kill friend WiFi Connection and prank with them. There are many apps, which can root your android phone like iroot, kingroot etc. Some people, root their phone with Kingroot, & later they wants to use supersu. also have a look at How to use Greenify app. so this guide is created for those people. So let’s check it out now. replace kingroot with supersu.

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  1. Dear team Missing tricks,

    This is the best website for tricks & tips & I m addicted visiter. I need ur help .
    Mene 1 phone kharida Jo lolipop Tha bt isme xposed install karte time brick ho gaya.

    Ab aaj new mobile liya he to plz website pr xposed for lollipop ki post dalo.

  2. I tried first method and kingroot replaced by supersu but my mobile got unroot after the process and when i tried second method and download supersu me app at the time of installation it says package error what can I do
    Please send me super sume app link to my number 7083835930 please please please

  3. Sir xposed installer ko install karne k baad update kiya uske baad reboot
    Reboot karne k baad wo sirf lenovo dikha raha h
    Open nhi ho raha h
    It is bricked or not
    Lenovo s660

  4. I tested on xperia E3 but after open supersu he tell me to update su binary,after click on normal install i get error message,i dont get update su binary and supersu not work…

    • you need to flash stock firmware now, or just download stock firmware of same build number, extract system.img and paste new systemui

  5. I replace my king root app with supersu. But it shown the error that “THERE IS NO SU BINARY. AND SUPER SU CANNOT INSTALL IT”.
    please help me.

  6. Hi friend ,
    I using micromax canvass pep already rooted,but custom recovery not flashed
    Help to CWM,or TWRP,recovery how to? help

  7. My Sony Xperia T3 D5102 replace fine with 2nd type and after reboot it’s lost root permissions but kingroot is proper work after restart also

  8. plz help me with this problem. When i install gravitybox and tries to open it ,it says gravitybox system framework not exist.. i have rooted from kingroot and already install busybox!!!

  9. i tried supersu to replace kingroot but after supersu me installation my phn is not booting it stuck on canvas logo. Plz help me whatsapp no 7662976180

  10. I can’t replace kingroot to supersu.
    I done carefuly all first method.all stap are done but when I open supersu it does not open.
    Error=there is no su binary install.
    My mobile is samsung galaxy grand 9082
    Also I use this method my rooted phone is unrooted.
    Please help me
    My Whatapp number 9726724367
    Please help me I need supersu app in my phone….plz

    • turn on internet, and click on Update Su binary. Then select option of Normal, and wait for 1 minute. and you are done !!

  11. Hi Arsh, first off, am bit of a noob so asking some basic questions.

    1. Is it safe to root using KingRoot ( Canvas Doodle 4, Lollipop 5.0 )

    2. Can KingRoot brick the phone in the process?

    3. Is it safe to keep KingRoot SU/applications after root?

    4. Wud you advice Super Su/Super Sume intall post rooting ?

    Have heard a lot of chatter on social media about KingRoot transmitting info to their servers,have you personally come across malicious usage by KingRoot?

    Thanks in advance. Appreciate a reply !

    BTW if anyone has already rooted Canvas Doodle 4 with KingRoot, pls share your feedback…

    • most of the android devices can be rooted with kingroot, so it’s good idea to use it.
      After that, replace your kingroot with supersu, and uninstall kingroot + kinguser apps.
      and you are done

  12. Sir…..This is the best website for tricks I have ever seen .
    Sir…..I am using Asus Zenfone 5 , Lolipop 5.0 & my phn is now Rooted .
    But I can not Install Xposed Installer/Xprivacy app in my phn …..what Can I Do sir…..plz Help me & Give me the download link of Xprivacy & Xposed Installer .
    Thanks you sir.

  13. When i try to extract those files in my internal storage by using RAR extractor, it says “cannot create mrw folder, permission denied”. What should I do now?

  14. 20610612
    Method one worked for me although I used my PC to unzip and place the mrw folders. Here are my stats so other users may validate:

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 BPB1
    Rooted with KingRoot using the following procedure:

    As a note when I ran the SuperSu app fired up right away and asked me to update the binaries. I hit Continue and Normal. Was not prompted to resolve conflicts with other root apps. Once the script finished my phone rebooted and then hung at the Verizon screen for a very long time. I pulled the battery, restarted using only the power button and the phone came right up into the O/S. Ran some my apps that require root and received the popup to allow. Very cool, no more KingRoot spam.

    Thank you for your fine product.


  16. It worked like magic. thanks a lot for helping me smash that useless kingroot app. I even tried removing it with TWRP but kingroot was so stubborn not to leave. Thanks a lot.

  17. hello arsh bro my phone is YU yureka note YU 6000

    I was usethe app supersume pro.apk it install the

    SuperSU but when after I reboot my device it is stuck

    on the boot logo. so I finally the go to the service centre

    for software repair

    plz explain the method to install stock firmware or ROM

    in simple steps and which are running on mtk 6753 soc 5.1 android

    so I again do the process in order to install but this time

    risk free.

  18. Dear arsh bayya..plse reply as soon as possible..i have rooted my coolpad note 3 with kingroot..and while repalcing kingroot with super sume as ur first method using terminal emulator its din’t work for me then i tried second method with super sume app u provided..everything idid perfectly it works fine and super su app installed sucessfully..i removed those dummy icons of king root,king user binary also updated sucessfully..its asked me to reboot..then i click on reboot..from there my problem started..i have wait for it to reboot almost 2-3 hours but its structed on starting android..thats it its continuosly showing that starting android… but not rebooting or restarting..i have tried factory reset with recovery mode its still not rebooting..only showing that starting android….plse help me out what can i do now..plse reply soon..if my father knows that my phone is not in normal condition..he will beat me like a dog..plse help…

  19. Hello! I have use supersu me but after when I open supersu app they say that I have not a binary its refuse to instal when I push a normal

  20. Hi!
    I rooted my ID2ME ID1 with kingroot and then used supersu me apk, when I rebooted my phone it is stuck in android text and wont boot.

    Could you find stock rom for ID2ME ID1, please.

  21. Hello boss!I followed the second noob way to delete kingroot.It worked i suppose , supersu has the control of the phone but i cant delete kingstrash* device.i went to settings >security>devive admin>no kingsroot to dissamle there!

  22. Bro can you please please provide me a link to samsung galaxy grand duos gt i9082 stock firmware and also for a cwm custom recovery ??
    Plz help

  23. Hi arsh…can u give me link Myleagoo E4 firmware…i can’t found at google..just leagoo elite 4 firmware i saw..that not same firmware..thanks..

  24. Hi i have micromax canvas mega e353 rooted with king root…. I want to set super su as my default.. I tried this method but terminal Emulator says no such directory found… Please help me

  25. I tried 2nd method but binary is not installatling
    I choose normal one then it says failed to install
    Rebbot ur device
    I rebooted and it stuck on logo
    Alt2i flashed stock rom again a d rooted it via kingroot
    But super su is not installing

  26. Do not use this any of these methods if you are running Android 5.1 and above. Installation of SuperSU binaries will fail and you will get bootloop. Believe me I’ve tried many time and I’ve ended with “Failed Installation” and bootloops. The only way to replace Kingroot with SuperSU on Android 5.1+ is by Custom recovery.

  27. What super su is the west app for root an android phone and all apps running during super su to ask root permission for running And please reply fast

  28. Hi,
    what if one does not have an sd card? Samsung J-100vpp os 5.1.1
    I’m a bit of a newb but I did manage to download terminal emulator and an app for extracting zip files.
    I have 4 files but I don’t know where to store them without an sd card!

    I have Kingroot. SuperSU me has failed repeated attempts to replace Kingroot with SuperSU.

  29. Which on is the best method to replace kingroot with super su in Lolii pop 5.1 version
    1. Via SuperSU me app
    2. Via Zip extract And Terminal Ambulator
    please help me

    • Steve,

      Did any of those two devices ran on android 5.1? I have read that’s working fine on 4.4 but they might be some issues on later releases ?



  30. Method one looks like it might work for me. But I’m kinda cautious ’cause I don’t have a PC for fixing things incase something goes wrong. My phone is Royqueen Elegance RQ510. I really want to replace Kingroot with SuperSU for me to be able to use FlashFire as FlashFire needs SuperSU to work.

  31. Hi, im currently trying the second method using super sume on my note 2 n7100, it seems like it stuck (maybe) at ‘stage 6 cleanup’.. please help me…thanks in advance ?

  32. I have tried the method 2 to replace the kingRoot 4.8 with supersu in my Lyf flame 8. Everything was fine but the phone stuck with bootloop . i have to go to jiostore to flash the stock.

    Could you please confirm method 1 will work for LyF Flame 8 (Lollipop) ?
    I could not find any stock rom/methods to escape from Boot loop for this LyF flame 8.

    Thanks in advance

  33. I have root my coolpad note 3 plus with king root and replaced it with supersume
    And then i restart my phone but now my phone is not being switch on it shows
    “Android is starting and optimizing ” After optimizing 100 % it shows “Android is starting, starting apps ” Then it again switch off and this process is being continuesly now what should i do ????

  34. I have download super su me but its not working app not ask to get to get root permission and when I press butten loading once start but not ending.
    Please help me

    • I have an Huawei Ascend Mate II (MT2l03) Jelly-bean (v4.3) and the instructions help but like your situation, do not perform as expected. Therefore, the DO NOT remove bloatware and SU roots itself on my OS using nearly 5MB of on-board storage.

    • Worked after trying to repatch repeatedly in combo with root browser busybox & TiBu supersu binary fix. Really weird.

  35. Root your phone with kingroot
    Install terminal emulater and download mrw file . place this file to internal storage .

    Open terminal emulater .
    Type su then enter.. Now ask you to give root access ,give it.

    Now type sh /sdcard/mrw/ then enter it . it install supersu automatically. Then it will say update binary . update it normal (internet will be required). Then reboot your phone . that’s it .

  36. I completed the 2nd step then it asked me to reboot the phone. I tapped on reboot & now my phone is not starting only the logo appears. Now what should I do?
    Device:Xiaomi Redmi 3

  37. 1st piece of advice, Don’t use kingroot to root your phone. Find a different, better method. Check Xda forum, only trust methods from there.

    • Though I will admit the supersu me script is brilliant. However, I found it didn’t work on this old Droid bionic a few weeks ago. I think I finally had to root using a Linux distro running in a virtual machine.

    • use root explorer and look for sdcard folder open and paste inside,

      sample :
      /sdcard (open folder and paste it here)

      or /mnt/sdcard/ (open sdcard and paste it here)

  38. I’ve Trier both but no onde seens to work, the first method got stucked on a error screen, and the second method didn’t works as well.

  39. I tried 1st step super su is also installed but it says that super su binary files are not installed and then it closed but not saying to update. What I have to do?
    I have CWM recovery, is there any other way to do it with this?


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