How to Remove Watermark From Prisma Images (Android)

Updated on August 12, 2016

remove prisma watermark

Prisma, One of the most trending app these days on Play Store. In This Guide, I will tell you about how can you remove watermark / logo from images which are edited by Prisma Android app. Whenever you Edit any picture via prisma app and add an effect, it adds a watermark of prisma in the picture. While posting Images on Social Media, Not so cool idea to having a watermark on pictures. So In This Guide, I will Tell you step by step guide for removing Prisma Watermark from images in android. Prisma effects are one of the best effects ever which you can apply in pictures. Prisma app adds their watermark in images for making their app more and more viral. But if you don’t like their watermark in your images, then I will tell you how can you remove Prisma watermark in images.

At First Prisma app was launched for iPhone devices, and It was gone too viral, then this app was developed for Android devices too. You can download this app from Play Store and use in your device for add some cool effects in your pictures. Nowadays, many people are using prisma App for edit their profile pictures too. If you are a Regular Internet Geek, Then you may already know about this Prisma android app. There are too many people using prisma app in their android device, Sometimes you may have also noticed that their server goes down and you was not able to edit picture because of heavy load on their servers. Also have a look at best android apps for rooted android.


Prisma app doesn’t work offline, When you use this prisma app, it will send your Photo To their servers and then it will edit the picture from their server and send it to you. For Disable watermark from prisma app, you don’t need to install any third-party app for this purpose of no need to install any mod version of prisma apk. You Just have to change one setting from Prisma app for make this happen on your device. So If you don’t like the logo of prisma app in your images, then simply follow below steps now for disabling watermark / logo of prisma app in images.

How to Remove Prisma Watermark / Logo From Images in Android

  • At First, Make Sure you have already Installed Prisma app in your Android Device. If you haven’t installed it already, then you can download it now from Play Store.

remove prisma logo from images

  • After Install Prisma app, now Open It. You will see some options here in the app itself, Just click on Settings icon from the Main Screen of the app.

prisma watermark remove

  • Now Untick on Add Watermark option from the app like below Screenshot.

prisma app logo

  • Now Try To Edit Images from Prisma, it will no longer add watermark in Images which you will edit from this app 🙂


remove prisma watermark


remove prisma logo from picture

After you Disable This Add Watermark option from the prisma app, it will no longer add any watermark in new images. Hence if you want to remove Prisma watermark from old pictures, then you may need good photoshop skills for that, of you have to edit real old image again for remove watermark. So Enjoy Prisma filters in your images now without having any watermark in it.


So This was the way which you can use for remove watermark from images in android. If you have any other issues while following this guide, then simply comment below. I will try to help you out. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more cool stuff like this.

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