How to Download & Flash Official Cyanogenmod 13 on Oneplus 2

Updated on June 25, 2022

Oneplus 2 Official CM13: Finally, Official Cyanogenmod 13 for Oneplus 2 is now available for Download and Flash. Previously, We was posted about Unofficial Cyanogenmod 13 for oneplus two, which is also pretty much stable for daily use. But Now Finally Official CM13 for OP2 is released, Which you can flash in your Device right Now. Flashing custom ROMs in Android devices is very much popular these days. Because Custom ROMs Can give you a new UI Feel in your device with tons of new features.

Oneplus 2 is a Very Good Android Device Running on 810 Snapdragon Chipset. There are many kind of Custom Rom are available for Android devices like AOSP, Mokee, CM, Pacman, MIUI etc and much more. Cyanogenmod ROMs are very much near to stock Android with some enhanced features like theme support, Fully Customizable Status bar, notification panel etc. So In this Guide, I will tell you about How can you Flash Official Cyanogenmod 13 on your Oneplus 2 right now.

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official cm13 oneplus 2

Steps for Download and Flash Cyanogenmod 13 on Oneplus 2

  1. Installing ADB Drivers for Oneplus 2 on PC
  2. Flash Stock Oxygen OS 3.0.1 on Oneplus 2 (Recommended to flash before flashing CM13)
  3. Flash Modded TWRP for Flash CM13
  4. Download Official CM13 & Gapps for oneplus 2

How to Download and Install ADB Drivers for Oneplus 2

For Flash Custom TWRP in your device from Step 3, You need ADB Drivers for Oneplus 2 in your PC. So Checkout below Easy Steps now for know more about How to Install ADB Drivers on oneplus 2.

Things to Be Setup Before Install ADB Drivers on PC in Windows 8 or Above

You can Skip These Steps If you are using Windows 7 or XP

  • Goto Control Panel – Update & Security Recovery – and click on Restart Now Option under Advance Setup option.

oneplus 2 cm13 drivers download

  • Now your PC will Reboot, and Select The Options According to The list below.


Advanced Options

Startup Settings


  • And Then Simply Press F7 To Disable Driver Signature verification, then it will reboot your PC and Now Simply Follow below steps for Install oneplus 2 USB Drivers in your PC.

How to Install Oneplus 2 ADB Drivers in PC

Install both of the drivers from above links

  • Then Open ADB Setup from your PC, and you will get Confirmation for Install ADB Drivers, Click Enter Y

adb for oneplus 2

  • After that It will Start Installing these drivers in your PC, and you are ready to Go to next step.

Reboot your PC once after install drivers

Flash Official Oxygen OS 3.0.1 On Oneplus 2

After Successfully Flash USB Drivers in your PC, Now you have to Download and flash Oxygen OS 3.0.1 Beta 2 in your Oneplus 2 for flash Cm13 later, Simply Flash it now from below easy steps.

  • Download Oxygen OS 3.0.1 in your Oneplus 2 Now from here – Oxygen OS 3.0.1
  • Now Goto SettingsAbout Phone – Tap 7 Times on Build Number.
  • Go Back to Settings Developer Options, and Simply Enable Advanced Reboot Option.

oneplus 2 cm13 advanced reboot

  • Now Long press power button, Select Reboot and Click on Recovery Option.

oneplus 2 reboot

  • Now Goto Wipe Menu and Wipe all Data from your device except Internal Storage, then Simply Flash this Oxygen OS 3.0.1 in your Oneplus 2 Device from recovery mode, It may take up to 10 minutes for complete flashing process, and then reboot your Device.

Flashing Custom TWRP Recovery for Flash CM13

For Flash CM13 in your Oneplus 2 After flash Oxygen OS, you need the modded version of TWRP Recovery to be installed in your Oneplus 2. Let’s checkout how to do it now from below.

  • Download TWRP Recovery for oneplus 2 – Download TWRP
  • Open My Computer from your PC, Then Goto C:/ and You will see adb folder there, Just open it.
  • Hold Shift Key, and Right Click anywhere in blank space, and click on Open Command Window here option.

oneplus 2 adb drivers

  • From your Oneplus 2, Now Goto SettingsAbout Phone , and tap 7 Times on Build number.
  • Go Back to settingsDeveloper Options, and enable Advanced Reboot Option.

oneplus 2 cm13 advanced reboot

  • Now Click on Reboot, and Select bootloader Mode.

oneplus two official cm13

  • Now your device is in the fastboot mode, simply move downloaded TWRP Recovery to adb folder which is located in C:/ drive.

Make Sure you have Connected your Oneplus 2 To PC via USB Cable.

  • Then Enter below command in CMD for flash TWRP in your Oneplus 2
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • It will flash TWRP in your Oneplus 2 Right Now, and Enter the below command for reboot your Device to normal Mode.
fastboot reboot
  • Now your device will reboot to normal mode, with TWRP Installed. Now Simply Follow Some simple steps now from below for flash CM13 Official in your device.

Features of Oneplus 2 Official Cyanogenmod 13

  • Fastest Fingerprint Sensor Speed For Unlock the Device.
  • Fully Stable – No Bugs At All
  • Based on Android 6.0.1
  • and all other CM13 Features are included in this ROM, You can Flash in your Device right now and enjoy it.

Flash Official CM13 on Oneplus 2 With TWRP Recovery

Follow below easy steps now from below for flash Official CM13 in your oneplus 2.

Select ARM646.0 pico while downloading Gapps.

  • Then Move These 2 downloaded files to your device, it will be better if you copy the file in root of the internal storage.
  • Now Again Long press power button – reboot then select Recovery.

oneplus two official cm 13 download

  • It will open TWRP Recovery mode in your device now, Goto Wipe – Wipe data and it will wipe all data from your device.
  • Simply click on install button and select cm13 zip file from your device, and simply swipe to confirm flashing process.
  • After Successfully flash CM13, Now flash Gapps same as above procedure (Now No Need to Wipe Data)
  • Then Simply Click on Reboot System option, and you are done.

Now your Oneplus 2 Will Boot in Official CM13 Custom ROM. Enjoy this awesome ROM in your device with above installation guide.

official cm 13 flashed oneplus 2

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Wrapping Up

So this was the way for flash Official Cyanogenmod 13 on your oneplus 2 Right now. This ROM is very stable, and I am using it from last few days, I haven’t faced any kind of bugs yet. For any further questions or suggestions regarding this Guide you can simply comment below, I will try to help you out. Simply Enjoy this official Cyanogenmod 13 on your Oneplus 2 Device and Peace out.

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70 thoughts on “How to Download & Flash Official Cyanogenmod 13 on Oneplus 2”

  1. Dear Arsh,

    Good Article. Self Explanatory. Here Is My Situation Now.

    Handset Model # One Plus Two
    Root Status # Rooted
    Recovery # TWRP (twrp-3.0.2-0-oneplus2.img) –
    Custom ROM # Exodus Version # 6.0.20160601-NIGHTLY-oneplus2
    Android Version # Android-6.0.1_r43
    Android Security Patch Level # 1 May 2016
    Baseband Version # MPSS.BO.2.5.c9-00011-M8994FAAAANAZM-1
    Build Number # MOB30J release-keys
    Kernel Version # 3.10.84-exodus+

    I Need To Install CM On This. But, I Come To Understand About “Old Bootloader” & “New Bootloader”.

    Can You Help Me Understand How I Can Go About From The Above Situation To CM?

    • simply flash Official Oxygen OS beta 2 First from this guide for update your device to marshmallow bootloader, then you can flash modded twrp which made for marshmallow, and then flash twrp in it

  2. i have Grarak’s TWRP on Oxygen os 3.0.2 ..
    can i flash cm 13 nightly and gapps directly without doing anything ???
    reply asap and thanks in advance., btw hws the battery life and stability of cm 13 ?
    do i need to flash super SU after im on cm13 ???
    please reply asap

    • Hi there, Old TWRP will not work for flash this CM13. So please flash modded TWRP which is available in this post. and battery life is good , device perform much better with this ROM. and you don’t need to flash supersu in this rom because it’s already prerooted. you have to enable root access via developer options.
      Let me know if you need any other query

  3. hi CM13 on oneplus 2 is good which i have flash. i do not know whether to call this bugs or not but i have some small obstacles with my OP2 which is running the CM13.ver 13.0-20160308 , i hope someone could help out on the following :
    1. Bluetooth not working with the cr stereo, before CM13 the OxygenOs 2.2.1 is working fine with the bluetooth for phone call. but not now with Cm13.
    2. when i received update infor, i download the zip files (only CM zip files) into my hp but do not know how to update ?
    3. making calls – the receiving end does not hear me clearly, from what i ask the receieing end the hear my voice but low volume and coarse. any help for this.
    would appreciate some advice on the above with thanks

  4. Hi thanks for this awesome guide. I am currently on Grarark’s unofficial CM12 5.1 (xmas build) with TWRP 3.0.0-2 installed. Do the steps above also apply for my circumstances? Thanks in advance

  5. Hello again. I can’t boot in Grarak’s recovery (or any other recovery as I lost the Official TWRP now). The phone is stuck at the 1+ screen. Any ideas please? Thanks again.

  6. hello sir i am using hydrogen os 1.4.0 in my 1+2 .my phone is not rooted . also i did not any modding with my phone.will i have to root my phone for this process

  7. I followed the all the instructions here on my Macbook pro (with the MAC OS X terminal you have to use ‘./fastboot’ instead of just ‘fastboot’, same for adb which is ‘./adb’ instead of ‘adb’ -Keep in mind you have to install the adb and fastboot stuff a bit differently on Macs-).

    But again. besides from that I followed ALL the instructions as are shown in here and it worked 100% right.

    Now I’m a happy Oneplus 2 owner with a brand new CM3 Official ROM.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi Arsh,

    I am unable to flash the oss 3.0.2 or any cynogenmod os. I can install oxygen os 2.0 but it too much buggy. Can you help me

  9. Bro there is two files for download Build & recovery . which we download and how to install these files with gapes.

    9355154321 my whatsapp number

  10. Hi Arsh I can’t seem to flash TWRP recovery. I have installed both the drivers. After booting into fastboot mode and entering commands after connecting to PC it just keeps on showing “waiting for device”
    Please Help

  11. what if my oneplus two is already running oxygen 3.01.Do i have to flash oxygen os or i van directly flash cm13 on it?and do the fingerprint sensor works on cm13?

  12. Hi,

    I have a rooted oneplus 2 and currently “” is running on my device. I tried, flashing “” but it did not work and I got an error.

    How to go about it if I want this official nightly to be flashed.


  13. I followed all your steps till Flashing Custom TWRP Recovery for Flash CM13 but when I enter the command

    C:\adb>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

    I am getting the below error and the phone is stuck at Fastboot mode.

    target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes
    sending ‘recovery’ (17548 KB)…
    OKAY [ 0.702s]
    writing ‘recovery’…
    FAILED (remote: device is locked. Cannot flash images)
    finished. total time: 0.730s

    Please help how to proceed further…

  14. On oxygen OS 3.0.2 there is a fingerprint issue where the fingerprint was detecting the pant fabric also as a fingerprint . It will fail obviously but as a result it caused a lot of battery draining and heating up issues. Does this problem persist in cm 13 also? Or has it been taken care of?

  15. I am on cm13 and its greats.Thanks for the great tutorial.But there is no face recognition option? Has it been deleted from the cm 13?


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