How to Remove System Apps in Android With Lucky Patcher App

Updated on May 26, 2016

lucky patcher remove system app: Hey guys, Some days back there was an issue in my Android device that it was lacking or memory and getting memory full issues while installing any new games or apps. Then i checked the usage of memory I found that the main app which was taking the memory was Google Plus And Google Play Store. I really don’t use Google Plus much. So I was tried to Uninstall this app, Because This app was installed in System, So We can’t Uninstall It without rooting. So I am posting This Guide, For How to Remove System Apps with the help of Lucky Patcher app easily.

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Remove System apps With Lucky Patcher

So I was unable to delete that app than whenever I try to download any app so there was an error Every time saying that memory full insufficient memory and all other kinds of errors then I thought to factory reset my cell then what about my data? I would lose all the data from My phone. So I though to Remove System apps from your device, which I don’t use and free up some space.

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My Mobile was rooted and then while searching on Google and after that one of my friend’s advice me about 2 applications which I can use are Link2Sd and Lucky Patcher when I tried Link2SD I found many of the errors while deleting applications and then I switched to Lucky Patcher. So Let’s have a look at Step by Step Guide, on How to Remove System apps from Android with the help of Lucky Patcher apk.

remove system apps lucky patcher

How To Remove System Apps With Lucky Patcher apk

If you Want to remove apps, Which are preinstalled in your device, then you can simply follow below tutorial for this purpose. But remember that Lucky Patcher app will only work when you have rooted your device. So you must checkout How to Root android without Pc, and you will be able to follow below guide.

  • After Successfully Install Lucky Patcher app from above link, Now Simply Open it and it will ask for root permissions. Simply Allow the Root Permissions To This app.

lucky patcher system app remove

  • Now you will See All Apps, Which you are installed in your Android phone will show in main screen of the app.
  • Then Click on any app of your choice which you want to remove from your device, and Select The Option of Uninstall App.

uninstall app

  • After that, Click on yes button and wait for few seconds, it will remove the app completely from your device.

lucky patcher system app remove

  • Select That application and there you will see the option Uninstall that application Done It will take Some seconds to delete that app

Lucky Patcher has Numbers of setting which i Love the most for example Removing ads from applications and license verification error We can Make any App as an In build app or we can remove any app from In build Memory

Warning – Removing Some Important System apps may cause your phone soft Brick, So Remove only apps which are not necessary to run phone’s Operating System. We are not responsible for Damage of your phone.


So Guys, This was the Way, Which you can Use for Removing System apps from your Device easily. If you wantt o remove some kind of bloatwares from your device, then you can simply follow this tutorial, and It will help you to remove system apps from your device easily in Just Few clicks. For any Further Query, Simply Drop a comment below I will try to answer it. THanks for visiting, and Stay Tuned at SoftBigs For More updates like this.

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16 thoughts on “How to Remove System Apps in Android With Lucky Patcher App”

    • You must install lucky patcher on your android device and click the app ,then click open menu for patches after that click app without google ads

  1. I have downloaded Game Killer (apk), and moved it to my SD-card. Now if I follow these intructions, this doesn’t work for me. Game Killer can’t be uninstalled and it keeps getting back in LuckyPatcher in the form of ””
    What do I do now?

  2. I have made a application as a system app by LUCKY PATCHER but now I wanna delete it but I can’t delete the same so please help me to delete that application

  3. hello i download gamekiller and install it,
    here is my problem it in app manager i can’t see nothing but a blank app, no title it can’t uninstall,forcestop,cleardata even to move Sd Card it Can’t, beneath the blank title there is indication of version 1.0
    and wherever i look it in app manager there is a lot of cache, pls help me how to remove this strange app thanks


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