How To Install Dolby Atmos in any Android Device

Updated on June 25, 2022

Hey Folks! In This Guide, I will tell you How to Install Dolby Atmos In Any Android Device. In Old Paradigm people uses iPod for listening music and now, this fun of music has came in Android mobile phone with inbuilt music player and you can add up thousands of songs in your mobile phone. When you listen those songs you might be getting issues of low voice or of clear voice in your device. If you are fond of music then you would like to increase the sound system in your device. Also Checkout How to Unblock Sites in Android. Basically there are many third party application which are available to do this settings in your device but none of them properly works just because you need to add up those settings by flashing those files into recovery. You might have heard about the famous application of Dolby Atmos. You won’t be having this in your mobile phone but today we are going to show you how to install Dolby Atmos in your device.

Install Dolby Atmos On Android

Dolby Atmos is nowadays available with Lenovo and Sony mobile phones(Sony is a company of mobile phones) But this feature isn’t available in new mobile phones. You can easily add up this feature in your Android too by flashing Dolby Atmos files in your mobile phone. Basically when you will be flashing the Dolby Atmos file in your device it will boost your music sound, increases sound clarity and it will give you an application from which you can equalize music. IF you want to root your device, then checkout How to Root any Device without PC method. At the same time this application is also having some pro’s and con’s which is you is important for you to know before flashing this Dolby Atmos file. Now you can easily show off with your friends by showing this application application in your device and this application doesn’t requires any root access. If you are having custom recovery then you can easily install in your device. If you want to Change Boot Animation in your Phone, then checkout How to Change Boot Animation in Android Tutorial.

dolby atmos android

Advantages of using Dolby Atmos in Android

Below, are the some basic requirements for using dolby Atmos in android devices. Dolby for Android is the one of the best app, for get high quality music in your Android device. Have a look at the some basic requirements for using this app in your phone.

  • You can equalize music directly from the application.
  • Clean and Simple app, Any User can easily use this app.
  • High Quality Music like Sony Devices.

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Disadvantages of this Dolby Atmos Method

This app comes with some of the advantages, but there are some disadvantages in this method too. read some of the limitations of this method, now from below.

  • Supports devices after 4.3x Jelly Bean. Please Don’t try thisa method on Below 4.3 Devices, it may brick your device.
  • To Uninstall you need another zip file which will uninstall Dolby Atmos – Uninstaller Zip


Requirements for Use Dolby Atmos in Android

Checkout some basic requirements, for use Dolby Atmos in Android devices. like, you have to dolby digital download now from below link, and need custom recovery. Checkout full requirements now from below.

  • Download Dolby Atmos ZIP File – Dolby Download
  • Custom Recovery Like – CWM / TWRP / Philz etc
  • Human Brain and Patience :p

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How To Install Dolby Atmos On Android

Below, i have provided step by step guide, for How to install dolby atmos in android devices. If you want to Install this Dolby atmos in your phone, then you have to follow some easy steps. Follow below steps one by one, for How to install Dolby Atmos in Android devices.

Step 1: Firstly you have to see to it that custom recovery is successfully flashed on your device

Step 2: Now move Dolby Atmos file into your memory card / Internal Storage and don’t extract this file

Step 3: Now switch off your device completely and boot your mobile into recovery

Step 4: Now, click on Install button in the recovery


Step 5: Now Search for SD Card in list like given in below screenshot


Step 6: Navigate Dolby Atmos file which you have downloaded from above requirement


Step 7: Now, Flash this file and wait for 10 to 15 seconds to completely flash Dolby Atmos In your device


Step 8: Now, Reboot System and you have successfully installed Dolby Atmos in your device.


Common Questions You Might Ask Us

Q.) Do I need rooted Mobile phone?
Ans- No, You don’t need rooted Mobile phone

Q.) Can I flash Dolby Atmos With my stock recovery?
Ans- No, You can’t flash this with stock recovery

Q.) My Mobile Is Stuck into BootLoop What to do Now?
Ans- You have to flash Stock ROM again in your device or try installing any custom ROM

Q.) How to Flash Custom Recovery in my device?
Ans- This process is different for different mobile phone so you need to check on Google and try this trick.

Q.) How To Uninstall Dolby Atmos From my device
Ans- You can easily uninstall Dolby atmos by flashing file by doing above process again


Final Words:

This are the possible questions you might ask us. Now you can easily flash Dolby atmos in your device and show off with your friends with the awesome and surround sound and no need to buy lenovo or Amazon phone. You can easily flash Dolby atmos in your device. We was also shared Some Whatsapp Tricks, Check that out. Manufacturer companies don’t includes MOD  of good music like Dolby Music in Android devices, for increase battery backup, but if you want high quality music from your device, then you can Follow Above Method for install Dolby Atmos in android Device, an enjoy it  in your device for free. Keep visiting for more tricks like this and stay tuned for more updates 🙂

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32 thoughts on “How To Install Dolby Atmos in any Android Device”

  1. 1)Need a unlocked boaltloader ???
    2)Can be falshed on stock rom???
    3)doesnt harm device ??
    Please answer these questions

    • Some Devices Needs Unlocked bootloader for use Custom Recovery.
      Yes, You can use this Dolby Atmos in Stock Rom.
      If you are thinking you have any issues with this, then you can flash uninstaller zip, and uninstall this MOD easily.

  2. Dolby atmos perfactly working with google music player but not work with stock video player
    Device Samsung galaxy note 3
    OS-ketan custom rom lollipop

  3. phone is not entering into recovery mode, it stuck in download mode when im pressing volume up+home+power key… how can i install dolby atom in my phone.. phone galaxy grand 2

  4. Firstly you have to see to it that custom recovery is successfully flashed on your device

    What the above sentence means??

    I am blanked .plz help
    Although I have rooted my android.

  5. Iam using Samsung grand prim…. when I have installed dolby atoms it says unfortunately stopped…. I have rooted device also…. can u tell me how to use in samsung grand prime phone…

  6. Hi i have a galaxy 7 edge , im trying to download dolby ,, i dont know much about this things ,, do you think it ir possible to do it without dammage the phone

    • (First of all remember i am not responsible for if any failure occurs to your device by doing this method but it is a usefull method) Hey i also have j7 i had done it its working but before doing you must root your device.steps to install twrp and for rooting
      Before rooting go to settings>devoloper obstion >oem unlock ,check it you must have to do it to ensure safty
      First download twrp file
      Now use odin app in pc and put your android in download mode(odin mode)
      Connect your android to pc and open odin in pc when your android is connected there will be a com symbol on top then click ap and follow the procedures dont remove android before restart obstion is shown. Now download now get in recovey mode and click install and flash that you have downloaded this will root your j7
      Now download the dolby zip file and get in recovery mode and flash it now it will be installed remember you must unlock oem

  7. I have coolpad note5. Is it possible to install the dolby atmos to my mobile?? I was tried to install.. But unable to reboot my mobile..

  8. I falshed Dolby successfully but its not working ,when I reboot the device and play music’s it works but when I pause the music and play it didn’t work pls help….


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