How to Download and Install Backtrack 5 on Android

Updated on June 25, 2022

Install Backtrack 5 on Android

Hey, guys, Today I will tell you about How to install backtrack five on an Android device, Yes you heard right Now you could install Linux based backtrack 5 on your Android device and take the taste of real Linux operating system. Backtrack is an operating system which people use for hacking and cracking the wifi password. You can install Backtrack operating system on your laptops and desktops easily with the help of Bootable Pendrive, but you can install this Linux OS on your Android Smartphone.  Backtrack OS is especially used for penetrations and hacking the stuff like wifi password. I have noticed that the most of the wifi password has excellent security which is not able to crack or hack with simple wifi cracking software.

Android users are using WPS tester like apps for hacking the wifi networks. We were also posted the tutorial on Best WiFi hacking apps for Android, Don’t forget to check it out. Some of the wps2 wifi networks can be cracked, but most of the WPA or WPS networks does not break because of high security. I can also say that the WPS or WPA security is best for saving password from WPS tester, but WPS and WPA are low-level security which can easily break. Wps2 is an advanced type of wifi security which can’t hack, but all WPS 2 equipped wifi networks got hacked with simple apps.


So, that we can say WPS and WPA wifi security is better than wps2 but with some little effort, we can easily crack them without using any WPS tester like apps. Now the question arises, what is backtrack? In the simple word the backtrack is an Operating system which is truly based on Linux  Operating system. It is the best tool for testing penetrations and vulnerability of wireless networks, device, system vulnerability. We was also posted some of the best Android hacking tips, which you should checkout.

Most of the hackers using this for cracking the network security and some people using this OS for testing the safety of the network. Both things are same, but the method is different someone using for Blackhat technique and another one using it for security test.  Hackers are using this OS for professional hacking; we can also say that it’s a complete package if you are looking for One tool in which you will get all functions then it’s a best for you.

Why I Use backtrack on my Android phone

Backtrack is a Linux-based operating system. We can say that its type of Linux which help us to test the security of wireless networks even device and system vulnerability can check by backtrack. This operating system was only available for laptops and desktop users, but most of the people think that if they want to use Linux then must have and laptop or desktop,.But now the time has changed and lots of improvements has done on software area also as hardware area. Now it’s possible to use Linux on your Android device without any problem but the things we need Rooted Android phone and some mind, and the most important vnc viewer and backtrack file. We have mentioned all required apps below download from below and start using Linux on your Android device right now.

Requirements for installing Backtrack on Android smartphone

Here some basic requirement which we will use for run backtrack on Android. We have mentioned required apps and file for running Linux-based OS on Android device. Check the below list of necessary files.

Advantages of Backtrack on Android

  • You can run the backtrack Linux-based operating system on your Android device
  • Don’t need to flash any type of Rom.
  • Running on emulator.
  • Configure it according to your comfort.

How to download and  install backtrack On Android device

  • At first, you need to extract the BT5-GNOME-ARM.7z and then copy the BT5 Folder and then  put in your phone root directory.

Note:-  The phone’s root directory is different for different  mobile so please check your mobile device storage directory before installation of BT5 Folder

  • Firstly you need to install all apps which are mentioned above, the apps are Busy Box,  Android Terminal, Android VNC, after installation of all apps Go to the next step
  • After installation of Busy Box app, open it and install the required file which is happing inside the BusyBox , wait for the process until installation complete
  • Now you need to open the Android Terminal app and Type the following commands
  • Su cd/sd card/BT5
  • Sh bootbt 
  • Then Press enter Note:- when you enter su command it calls the su super user permission , in simple words Root permission
  • After entering the command it will ask for Root permission, simple Grant it
  • Now type the following Commands
  • Export USER=root
  • Vncpasswd
  • After entering vncpasswd the terminal will ask you to enter the password. Enter your desired password and press enter for next option
  • After, Now you have to type the following commands
  • Tightvncserver-geometry 1280x 720
  • The terminal emulator app will help us to create the local host for connecting to VNC server. Just note the localhost port marked red below . after that minimize the terminal emulator
  • Final step, you have to open the android VNC ad type the below following  settings
  • Nickname- BT5
  • Password: enter your password which you have entered in terminal step no6
  • Address: Localhost
  • Port:5906
  • Enjoy the backtrack on your android device and run it by opening the VNC emulator on your  Smartphone.



Final words

We have mentioned all important things which are required for installing the backtrack on android device. As we know that the installation of backtrack can enhance the functionality of android phone in which you will get the whole power of penetration, even you can use this OS for hacking purpose But I will recommend you , use this Os on your own risk. SoftBigs does not support any illegal method. If you feel any problems regarding of Backtrack installation then comment below I will surely answer those comments and Thanks for visiting my blog

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    • you have to put BT5 folder in your root directory . For this purpose you can use es file explorer; Well its simple open either sdcard or internal storage and then click on the icon after home icon and before the storage in address panel. Finally you will get your phone Root directory

  1. Whenever I try to copy zip file to root directory my phone got hang it can’t run at all I need to hard reset it.
    I try this 5-6 time but nothing happened.
    Device-Redmi note 3
    Os- marshmallow


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