How to Block Websites on Android Phone Easily

Updated on June 25, 2022

android website blocker

Hey Guys, In This Tutorial I Will tell you how to block all porn website or any other site in your Android Device. If you are thinking about can you block websites in your Android Device, then Answer is Yes, you can block All Adult Sites or any Site of your Choice from your Device Easily. If your Device is being Used by your Kids, then you must block all Sites, which they must not see. Or If you are addicted to any Site like Facebook etc, then you can also block that kind sites in your Device with the help of Simple Android App. Some Days back, we was shared a method for How to Install Remix OS in Pc you can follow this Guide for Install Android OS in your PC. There are many ways for Block Websites in Android Device, I am here with Best Possible way for block all Bad Websites in Android Device With best web filtering feature for your device.

block websites android

You can easily block gambling sites on android or Any Other site of your choice, with below Tutorial. If your Device is being Used by Kids, or your Kids have Android Device, then you must install one simple app in their Device, which i will mention below. This app will block all kind of Bad Sites Like porn sites etc in Any Android Device. Kids are being Smarter day by Day, they use Private Windows for Open Such sites, So you must be More Smarter From them, by blocking Bad Sites from Android Device. We was also shared How to Unblock Websites in Android Device. This is the Best, working and Completely Free way for Block all Adult Websites in Android Device. This is the one of The Easiest way for Block any Kind of undesirable Sites. I have mentioned step by Step guide with Screenshots for How to Block Websites on Android. So Checkout how to block a website on tablet or Android Device from below.

How to Block Websites on Android Device

If you are thing a way for how do i block a website on my android? then Just you need to Follow Step by Step guide. There are many apps that block websites, but i have mentioned one best app, for block any kind of Website in your Android Device. This Tutorial Will Work in Both Rooted and Non-Rooted Android Device. If you want to root your phone, then checkout this Guide for How to Root Android Device. You can Also Call this app as porn web blocker, this app will block all Adult sites from your Device, and any Site which you want to block. Just Add Site in List, which you want to block and Boom, your Device will no longer open that sites. It will Show error while opening sites, which you have Blocked from your Device. So checkout Full Tutorial Now From Below.

  • At First, You Need to Install Mobile Security & Antivirus from Trend Micro Inc.

[sociallocker id=15180]

Download App


android website blocker

  • After Successfully Install Above App in your Device, Now Open That app, and It will Show you Licence Agreement, Click on Accept and Continue if you agree, and Click on Skip from Next Screen.

How to Block Websites on Android

  • Now, This app Will Start Scanning for any Kind of Virus in your Device. Scroll Down, and you will see an Option for Safe Surfing , click on this option.

how to block all porn website

  • From This Window, Select Option Of Parental Control, and Simply Create New account, it will take 10 Seconds only.

best android web filter

  • and you are Done ! Now this app will Block All Kind of Porn / Adult or Virus Infected Sites Automatically from any browser like Chrome.

best android web filter

  • Click on Blocked List, and Add any Site of your Choice in this list. Like you can Add in this list, an it will block Facebook Site from your Device.

block gambling sites on android

So This Was the Easy way for Block Such Sites from your Device Easily. This app is very helpful, while your Device is Being Used by Kids. This app will automatically block Bad Sites, you don’t need to enter sites manually. If you want to block sites of your choice, then you can also do that. This is the Best best android web filter app ever, for Block Websites on Android. I hope this app will work well for you, as it’s working perfectly for me. For Maximize your Device’s Performance you need Greenify app, checkout full Greenify Tutorial for know how to use Greenify app.

Bonus Tips While Using This App

  • After Open This app, Goto Safe Surfing, Goto Parental Control Tab, and Select Option of Uninstall Protection. And Enable App with usage access from on-screen instructions.

block websites android

  • Goto Settings of this App, and untick on Display the app icon on the status bar, for Hide app icon, and no one will come to know that this app is running in Background.

how do i block a website on my android

You Can Check List of All Blocked sites, which anyone was tried to open via Safe SurfingHistory Section.

Video Tutorial on This app

Final Words

So Guys, this was the easy Tutorial On how to block websites on your phone. Simply You can Follow this how to block websites on android phone, and Let you block websites of your Choice. This Tutorial is Tested by me, and it’s working completely fine. Also have a look at How to Hide Root Access from Android Phone. If you have any questions, or issues while following this Guide then feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting and Stay Tuned here for more cool stuffs like This. Thanks for visiting.

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