Gmail Dot Trick for Get Unlimited Gmail Id’s From one Gmail Account

Updated on June 25, 2022

Gmail Dot Trick

GMAIL DOT TRICK: Many of our Blog readers are already know About Gmail Dot trick. But some of the users are still don’t know about this trick. So i will Mention all Important things about this trick. This trick is very Useful for those people, who create accounts on different sites. Original Founder of this trick is Unknown, Or I don’t know. But still this trick is awesome & you should know about this Gmail DOT Trick. also checkout How to Root Android Without Pc.

Some of you are already know, that There is the Gmail Dot Trick, But don’t know how to actually use it. So i will explain all important steps, That what is this trick & why you should need of this trick. Main reason of use this Gmail dot trick, is that you can Create Unlimited accounts on single site with this trick. nowadays, this trick is very popular & hit, so in some sites, this trick will not work like Twitter etc. you may also like Champcash unlimited trick

Gmail dot trick
Gmail dot trick

But You can use this trick in Some Sites, & Create More & More accounts with Just one Gmail Account. This is not any type of wrong trick or Risky Trick. This Trick is officially powered By Google too, that you can use this trick for some reasons, maybe for not to show your Real Gmail Address on some sites. If you think, that this trick is very important for you, then you can checkout this trick now from Below. also checkout Solve Couldn’t save screenshot.


Gmail DOT Trick, is a trick, in which you can use one Gmail Account for create Multiple Accounts in a Site. This trick is still working in some sites, & blocked in Some Sites. For Example, This trick is working in Some Big Sites like Bigrock or Godaddy etc. Maybe this trick will Block in Future, But currently it’s working fine in Many of the Sites. So this is very good feature of Google, That you can even use your Gmail account anywhere with one dot in it. Say Thanks to Google, for Create this Much Good Thing, In Just One Mail Service.

For Example, If one Person sends you message on [email protected] and missing.[email protected] , then both of the messages will be deliver on [email protected]. Because, it’s a simple way in Gmail, for Generate unlimited Gmail Accounts with one Gmail Account with Gmail DOT Trick. Due to most of the websites, Ignore one Dot . in Gmail account, so this Gmail dot trick has been invented.  so you can use this trick, for Get more & more gmail accounts from one Gmail account. checkout full details about this trick from below.

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Why you Need to Use Gmail DOT Trick

  • For Create Unlimited Accounts in one Site without Using Different Gmail Accounts. How? Follow Below Guide, you will come to know about this.
  • Creating new & new Gmail accounts, will ask you for phone numbers, so if you don’t have much numbers, & time then you can follow below procedure for use this Gmail Dot Trick & Get Another Great feature of Gmail account.
  • For Not To Provide your Real Gmail Address to Some Sites, where you wants to sign up.
  • & some other reasons, depend on your Choice.

Requirements for use this trick, is all about depend on your choice. you should use this trick, for various purposes. you can create unlimited Gmail Accounts, with this simple trick. if you want to bulk sign up on one site, without having multiple Gmail accounts, then you can follow up below trick easily. For use this trick, you will not be need any external app or software. It’s a very simple trick, which you should Know for your basic knowledge. checkout some basic requirements for Use this trick.

Requirements Before Using This Trick

  1. Gmail Account, I think you have already one, If you don’t have then you can create one from here – Gmail Sign up
  2. If you have big Gmail Address, then it will be better, like [email protected] vs [email protected] , in both Gmail Id’s [email protected] will be better for use Gmail DOT Trick. I will tell you reason in below Steps.

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So guys, these was the some Basic Requirements , for Use this trick. if you have all above things ready, then just checkout some features of This Gmail DOT Trick, for Better understand this trick. so guys, these was the some basic requirements for use this Gmail dot trick. you can use it anytime, without any issues. so let’s have a look at this Gmail Dot trick once, for generate unlimited Gmail Accounts from Just one Gmail Account.

Features of this Gmail Dot Trick-

  • Create Unlimited Gmail accounts in one website, no limit at all, as long your Gmail address is, you will get more Gmails in your Account.
  • Fully Free & Easy to use. you can use this trick, even if you are Newbie, no need of any expert knowledge for use this awesome trick.
  • No Need of New & New Mobile numbers for Use This trick, & no need to sign up for new Gmail ids again & again for use this awesome trick.

& much more, you can discover by yourself, when you start using this.

How to use Gmail Dot Trick for Create Unlimited Accounts in Sites

  • At First, Choose the website, where you wants to Sign up Unlimited time. Why? It’s depend on your needs that why you want to sign up unlimited times on one site with one Gmail account.
  • At First, Sign up one time With your Gmail Account in any Site, normally. enter youe all details and complete sign up process, normally. Now, After successfully sign up, you can follow below steps for use mail trick.

Main Trick Starts from here –

  • Now, If you wants to Create Another account with same Gmail address, then add one Dot – “.” (Without Quotes) in your Gmail Account. For example if your Gmail Account is – [email protected] , then enter m.[email protected] ( Add one . After first Character of Gmail)


[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

& so on.. add one dot , after your one digit, after you finish adding all dots, then you must follow below steps, for create more and more Gmail accounts.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
  • You can also keep adding one DOT , after one digit, and after that add one more dot in this way you can generate more and more Gmails with this dot trick, also checkout Gmail DOT trick generator from below, for generate more and more and big list of Gmails, using DOT Trick.
  • Now, After use like this, Add one more dot ( . ) after second character – mi.[email protected]
  • Add more & more dot like this in your Gmail Accounts. checkout below screenshot, this will explain you much better.
  • You can also use [email protected] as [email protected] for sign up on site, because @gmail & @googlemail are the same thing. Email will be delivery on Same Gmail Address with this trick, but site’ server will think that it’s a Different Email :p Checkout some more factors about this trick from below.
Gmail dot trick
Gmail dot trick

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So in this one Picture, it says all guide, that how can you use one Gmail multiple account in website. i hope you will like this Tutorial. i have tried my best to post this method in more easy way. you can use + and . in Gmail for expand it. its official feature by Google mail. you can use this method on various websites, which is very cool thing. but in some sites, this trick will not work. so this was the complete guide, on How to use Gmail DOT trick.

Gmail Plus trick – Similar to DOT Trick

In above post, i was showed you things about Gmail DOT Trick, but now, there is one more trick which is called Gmail plug trick. which is same as Gmail dot trick, you have to add plus + sign, in your Gmail, for use it multiple times. you just have to add plus in your Gmail account simply, as below.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

& so on...

Gmail Googlemail Trick – Best Trick, which work Most

You can also use your mail account with , instead of . This trick is very good and i am also using it. because, this trick is not blocked with most of the websites. Some websites have blocked Gmail dot trick and gmail plus trick. but they still didn’t blocked the Googlemail trick, which is very good thing for us. you just have to use googlemail instead of gmail after your account, like below example

real email - [email protected]
new email - [email protected]

So This is called the Gmail Googlemail trick, in which you can create 2 Gmail accounts from one gmail account, which is very good and simple way. So also checkout Gmail DOT Trick generator from below, which will also work good for you.

How to Generate Unlimited Gmail Dot-Trick Generator

If you want to use this trick, then You know that you need to add one . in  your Gmail address. so for add dot in your Gmail address, you need this tool. you just have to enter your Gmail address in this link & it will generate the full list of Gmail address with one DOT in it. So Guys, Check it out now from below that how can you use This Trick. This is just a PHP Script, which will generate a list for you, which you can use & Enjoy your Gmail DOT Trick with it.

  • At First, Visit Gmail DOT Generator from here – Gmail DOT Generator.
  • Now, Enter your Gmail address there, & Click on Generate Button, make sure you enter your Gmail address here without entering above. for example if your Gmail address is [email protected] , then just enter SoftBigs  here, & click submit button.
  • Now, wait 2 seconds. & it will generate a list. in which you will be able to copy your Gmail address with DOT in it. Check That out. it will create a long list, which you can copy & save in a notepad file for use it later. also checkout Demo Screenshot from below.

Demo Screenshot

Gmail dot trick
Gmail dot trick

Gmail DOT Trick

So Guys, If you have only few Gmail Address & for some reason, you want to create More & more accounts in a site. Then this trick will be helpful for you. I have also added Option of  Gmail dot generator which will create list of Gmail with dot in it. also don’t forget to check that out. This is not any kind of Illegal trick from Google. So you can use up this trick for free without any issues. so that’s it for this Guys. if you think, that is there anything wrong in this post, then please feel free to comment below.

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I Guess, that you have heared about this trick from any of your friend or from any other source, that’s why you have searched about this & reached here. you can solve this issue without any issues. you just have to do some simple steps, for use this tricks. this trick will work in any device, because this is web based trick. you can use this trick for loot on various websites, when any offer came, for redeem that offer multiple times.

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Quick Video Tutorial on Gmail DOT Trick

Final Words

So Guys, this was the Gmail DOT Trick. which is very old but still gold :p i mean it’s still working fine without any issues. So check that out. If you have more tricks like this, then feel free to comment below. Read full guide carefully, it will help you to understand this Gmail trick, in which you can use + or . for make multiple Gmail accounts, from one Gmail account. Thanks for visiting & keep visit here for get more cool stuffs like this. Any Questions? feel free to comment below. So Enjoy Gmail dot trick. So Guys, must try out this Gmail DOT Trick trick once, and be sure you use this script for legal way only.

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  2. I don’t think however would like to ask… Is there any way to send email from dot email id? I need to send one email from dot email to confirm my account details.

    • I don’t think so. In order to confirm your email you must have a link in your dot account to confirm. Or maybe the message got delivered to the non dot email?

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  4. Wow. I din’t know about this awesome trick till now. What a trick to create unlimited accounts on any website specially on GoDaddy like sites which are offering Rs. 125 domains. So now you don’t need to register a new email id whenever you want to buy a new domain. Thanks for this amazing info. 😀


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