How to Get Free Bitcoins with Unocoin Coupon Code

Updated on June 25, 2022

Free Bitcoins: In simple words, bitcoin is a online currency or a money system which allows you to send and receive bitcoins over the internet. That’s sounds too simple right? But it’s not. Using bitcoin you can send money to someone without leaking your real identity. That’s the only reason why Bitcoin is used widely on deep web. :p 

Now the first question which will arise in your mind is How to get started with bitcoins? Well you just have to make an account with your email or phone number to start sending and receiving bitcoins. You can load money in that wallet with your credit card or using some online exchanges. There are many other way to earn money too, like Champcash app.

Bitcoin address is similar to your email address, you can login there if you are using some wallets like unocoin or zebpay. If you want to start learning using the bitcoins then you can read this further where we are giving a working trick to get free bitcoins. Yes! You read right free bitcoins <3 , You will get free bitcoins worth 200 INR also you can earn more by referring it to your friends and family.

How to get free bitcoins with Unocoin Coupon Code?

We are sharing the easiest and working method to get free bitcoins. I got the same in November 2016 and now it worth a good amount. 😀 You just have to download an app and register there and verify it to get free bitcoins in unocoin. The price is bitcoin is fluctuating but it is increasing really fast, I earned around 1000 INR without doing anything. 😮 

How I earned Free Bitcoins with unocoin
How I earned Free Bitcoins with unocoin
  1. Download Unocoin App
  2. Now you have to enter your email id and then password in the next box.  
  3. Don’t forget to enter the referral code – U10867 (Click on Refer code if you are using web to signup, I still prefer mobile app because it is convenient)
  4. Now enter any of the coupon code which works for you – FBA200 | TTA200 | UNO200 | FBE200 | TTC200. (Don’t get confused between refer code and coupon code, You have to enter both)
  5. Verify your email id by opening the link which you got in the email.
  6. Last and the mandatory step is to verify your KYC in order to get all access to the features

Don’t worry your documents are really safe, it’s just a security measure to check how much real and active clients they have. You can verify the KYC later too. You have to verify the basic documents, the list of accepted documents are :

  • Pan Card
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Aadhar card

You also have to submit your passport size photo to verify your identity. Finally you got free bitcoins now.

How to check the amount Bitcoins you have in Unocoin?

To check how much bitcoins you have, you have to open Unocoin app, then click on the orange bitcoin icon in the bottom and there you’ll see how much bitcoins you have in unocoin.

Final Words on Free Bitcoin Coupon Code

Unocoin is one of the most secure app to send and receive bitcoins. You can get free bitcoins with unocoin coupon code. You can also give your friends 200 INR worth BTC by just sharing this post. What are you waiting for? Share this post everywhere to give your friends 200 INR Worth BTC with unocoin free bitcoins coupon code. Stay tuned at SoftBigs for more cool tips & tricks like these.

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