Best Firewall apps for Unrooted Android Phones (List)

Updated on June 23, 2016

Best Firewall apps for Unrooted android

Hey Guys, Today I am going to tell you about Best of the Firewall apps for Unrooted android devices, which you can download and install in your Device right now for protect your device against attacks. There are many good Firewall apps available for android in play store but many of them  will work in only rooted android devices, which is not for you if you haven’t rooted your device. Previously, We was also posted about how to root android without pc, must check it out.

If you are thinking that what is the use of Firewall apps then I want to tell you that these apps are very good apps if you use Internet in your device daily. you can allow internet to specific apps only or block internet from specific apps. Previously we was also posted a Guide on how to block Websites in android, must check it out. Check which app is using your data, save battery, and increase privacy and much more. So checkout these top 5 apps for enable firewall in android without even rooting it now from below.

firewall apps for unrooted android

List of Firewall Apps for Unrooted Device

Here is the list of best of the android firewall apps which you can download and install in your device for enjoy best of the firewall apps without even rooting your device. so Checkout all of these apps now from below and enjoy.

#1 – NoRoot Firewall

This is the simple firewall app for android which can manage domain filtering, and there is no suspicious permission in this app itself. There is one disadvantage in this app that it may not work with LTE because it doesn’t support IPV6 yet. This app is very simple interface and it’s very easy to use. So Simply Download and install this app now from below and enjoy it.

noroot firewall apk

Download NoRoot Firewall

#2 Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall

This app can be used for save more battery, save more data while using internet. you can limit the number of apps which can access internet from your device which will save data from your device. This app can be used for block background Internet on different apps, and it will also give you an alert when a new app use internet from your device. This app works on VPN basis, you it will ask you to enable vpn service before enabling it. Download this app now from below and enjoy it.

no root firewall for android

Download Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall

#3 NetGuard – no-root firewall

This app can work in Android devices without root and can work over mobile data of WiFi for allow or block data connection to specific app. This app reduce data usage by compressing incoming connection, so your battery will also save and obviously you will get more privacy in your device. This app is completely IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP supported. This app has some of the most advanced features of firewall like block data to system apps, multiple device support, no ADs and much more. Checkout this app now from below download link at play store and enjoy it.

Download NetGuard – no-root firewall

#4 LostNet NoRoot Firewall

If you want to know that which apps are using your internet in background, then this app is best for you. This app can work without root, and can block internet to any specific app. This app can be used for disable background data connection or you can also capture packets from this app of your incoming and outgoing network to different apps. you can also check how much data consumed by specific app with this simple app.

best android firewall root

Download LostNet NoRoot Firewall

#5 NoRoot Firewall Beta

Another great one of the best firewall app for android which you can use in your device. This app will show you a list of apps, which you can check and allow or disable internet to that app in just one click in east way. This app is for advanced users, who know networking stuffs like IP addresses, range, port etc. If you are sort of advanced guy and looking for good firewall app for your device without root then simply download this app now from below and enjoy in your device for free.

best android firewall 2016

Download NoRoot Firewall Beta

Final Words

So Guys, These was the some of the best firewall apps for android which you can use in your device and do various things in it. You may have hear about Windows Firewall which comes preinstalled in Windows, but in Android there is no pre-installed firewall available. For security reasons, you can install firewall apps in android and secure it. If you have more questions or suggestions regarding these apps then comment below. I will try to help you out.

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