How to Chat in Facebook app Without Messenger (Latest)

Updated on June 25, 2022

Facebook chat without messenger

Hey, Fellas! In This Guide, I will tell you about how to chat on Facebook without messenger app in your android device. You might be using the Facebook application in which you would be seeing that Facebook usually Facebook suggests application to you for example Facebook Messenger to chat with your friends. If you have pages then you can download pages manager, or if you have groups then you can download Facebook groups this application works in Facebook application. Also Checkout Facebook Social Toolkit, Which you can use in your PC for Using various Facebook Tweaks.

I read somewhere in Flipboard where there was an article written in which it was written that Play store is going to remove Facebook application just because of its installation time and consuming a high amount of RAM is your mobile. According to me in my Nexus 5 Messenger eats 70 MB of RAM and Facebook uses around 100 to 150 MB RAM which is too bad. Also Checkout How to Flash Custom ROM in Android. To overcome on this, I tried to google search for some application which can easily replace messenger so that you can easily enable chat through your friends using Facebook application.

chat in facebook without messenger app

How to use Facebook Chat Without Messenger

This Application is known as Facebook Chat Enabler in this application when you will open this application it will have a skull icon. Don’t get afraid it is safe and it won’t check your conversation or anything. Then after opening this application. You have to download a package it would be of around 1 MB or less. After that, you can delete that app which you have downloaded without any issues. Also, check out How to Install One app Twice on Android Device. When I downloaded this application, it was not working in the latest version of Android that is 6.0 and 6.0.1. This application supported in devices which are below 6.0.

Facebook chat enabler installs a package of messenger which let the Facebook app to think that Facebook Messenger was already installed but the user is using other Facebook account from that, and you don’t have to delete the latest application which has installed in your mobile by using Facebook chat enabler. Also check out How to Take Screenshot In Recovery Mode From Android Device. Whenever you will try to open that application it will throw an error of force stop or application error. Don’t uninstall this application or else Facebook will again ask for messenger again.

Advantages of  Using Facebook App Without Messenger

This app have some killer features, which will save your device’s ram because you will never need to install messenger app again in your device, it will save more ram, battery and speed up your device. Now Simply Enjoy Facebook App Without install the messenger. Have a look at some of the common features of this app now from below.

  • The application size is low so you don’t need big amount of data
  • This application doesn’t consumes much ram in your device because it will save your device from installing messenger ram, so your device will also work faster. Also checkout how to increase ram in Android which I was posted earlier.
  • Working in Android 5.0+ Devices. (Also working on Marshmallow)
  • Doesn’t requires Root access.
  • All Features of Messenger App Included in This app.

Disadvantages of Using Facebook App Without Messenger

This app have some bad points, which I have mentioned below. have a look at them.

  • You can not Use Calling Feature With this app.
  • Can not accept messages requests from this app.
  • and some other minor bugs.

Requirements Before Use Facebook App For Chat With Friends

  • Uninstall Facebook app + Messenger app from your Phone If you have installed already.
  • Android Device Running on 5.0+

How to use Facebook Chat Without Messenger App in Android

So here are the Some Steps, which you have to follow now for enjoy Messages in your Facebook App Right now without installing Facebook messenger which Facebook Force their users to do so, so check out the easy steps now from below.

  • At First, Download and Install Modded Facebook App from above Download link and Install it in your device.

how to use facebook chat without messenger

  • Then After Install this app, Now Open it and login with your Facebook Account.

can you have facebook without messenger

  • And you are done, Now you will be able to chat with your friends with the help of Facebook app without installing messenger, enjoy it!

facebook app without messenger

Quick Fix For Marshmallow

If this app is crashing then allow permissions to this app from App Settings. If you have Android Device running on marshmallow then you simply have to allow this app to take permissions manually. Follow below steps for allow this app permissions and enjoy it in your device and chat with your friends without using messenger app.

Simply Goto SettingsAppsFacebookPermissions, and Tick on All Permissions.

how to use fb without messenger

Old Method for Use Facebook App Without Messenger

If you have any issues with first method, then you can try this method for use the Facebook app in your device without Messenger. Simply Follow all step by step guide with screenshots from below for quickly use Facebook app without messenger in your android device.

Step 1: Download and install all the Facebook Chat Enabler app from here – Download

Step 2: Login to your Facebook account using Facebook application

Step 3: Open the Facebook Chat Enabler and click on Install button given in left

how to use facebook chat without messenger

Step 4: It will download the another package from the application which will be less than 1 MB

facebook chat without messenger android

Step 5: Uninstall Facebook Chat Enabler with the icon of skull because now it is of no use.

how to use facebook chat without messenger app

Step 6: Now, Use the Facebook application and you can chat with your friends without installing messenger and don’t update the messenger which is available on Play Store or else it will be of no use

Final Words:

Now, You can chat with your friends without any software and without root access. Most of times this kind of software are not available for non rooted mobile phones. I Hope this how to use facebook chat without messenger app worked for you. Also Check How to Flash Custom Recovery in Android With Flashify App. This was the article about How To Bypass Installing Facebook Messenger While Using Facebook keep visiting and stay tuned for more tricks like this and Thank You for visiting.

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  1. I am unable to find any link to download modded Facebook apk in this post which u have wrote already “. At First, Download and Install Modded Facebook App from above Download link and Install it in your device.”.so plz post a link for viewers

      • Hello,

        First I want to thank you for creating this wonderful app. I don’t have to separately download Messenger anymore, using your Facebook Chat Enabler App. It is fantastic!

        Your 9 Sep 2016 version of this app is however not allowing me to share any posts to my Page, nor my Group. It only allows me to share any posts to my own Facebook account. The good thing is, when I go to my Page, or Group, to edit a post, it allows me to edit successfully.

        Your previous version 22 June 2016 as per your link :
        While it does not allow me to edit a post via your App (which I have to use web version of Facebook to edit), it does allow me to share any posts to my Page, or my Group.

        Either, or.

        So I have uninstalled your 9 Sep 2016 version, and reinstalled 22 June 2016 version.

        Suggestions: Could you please set up a page, full list of your older versions, so that if your new update does not meet my needs as above, at least I can track down the older versions and continue using older versions?

        Lucky you replied another user’s request on 4 Jul 2016 with the link to your older version, otherwise I will be lost again getting stuck with Facebook + Messenger apps.

        Thank you.

  2. hey thanks bro for this trick … now i can remove that bulky messenger app from my phone which often slow down my phone.
    and i m very much inspired from ur blog i also have a tech blog
    give me some reviews about it

  3. I have the same problem, but before i can installed that application when iam factory reset my phone and installed , parse error? Can you fixed?

  4. I have got a trick that do not require the installation of a new app
    1.Go to a browser and login to your fb account
    2. click on the messages
    3.Go to the url typing space and copy it.
    4.Paste it in your timeline(privacy:only me recommended).
    5.Click on the link and now you can view your inbox without that damn messenger.

    pass it to all fellas?


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