How to Download Website from Wayback Machine

Updated on June 25, 2022

Download Entire Website Wayback Machine

Hey Guys, In This Tutorial I will tell you about How can you download Full Website from Wayback Machine easily. Want to see how your website was looking in past? Want To download your website copy as it was looking in past? I have one simple Tutorial for you, Which you can follow for download your website from wayback machine. There are many tools available like Httrack for download website from current time, But downloading website from wayback, is also possible with the help of simple Ruby Script which is developed by Hartator.

For Download Website form Wayback machine, there are many online tools available which are paid and charge 10-15$ for download one single website from wayback machine. But I am here with the guide for provide you a Simple way to download full website from wayback for free without paying anything, isn’t it cool? One Day, I was searching for the way to download website from wayback and I Found best possible way is using ruby gem file. I was found this script on Github, special Thanks to that website. So If you also looking for the way to download website from wayback then simply follow below tutorial for this.

how to download website from wayback machine
download website from web archive

What is Wayback Machine?

If you are a Blogger or Freelancer, then you maybe already know or heard about Wayback Machine. But if you are not, then let me tell you. You may have heard about Time Machine Right, Wayback Machine is the Time Machine of the web, Which Save the Entire website in their database (With CSS, Images, Files). Wayback Machine Bot Goto Different websites, and Saved the website so you can view your website in future that how your website was looking in past.

Requirements for Download Website from Wayback Machine

  • Ruby For Windows – Download Ruby
  • Wayback Machine Downloader Gem File Install Via Command –
  • For Mac or Linux Based System – Nothing Special Needed, Just Need to Run Command for Install Waybacm machine downloader Gem.

How to Download Website from Wayback Machine (Windows PC)

  • At First, Download and Install Ruby According  to your Operating System Bits (32 or 64).
  • Now Goto Start – Find Start Command Prompt with ruby and run it via Administrator.

wayback machine website download

  • Now Run Below Command in it for Install Wayback Machine Website Downloader in Ruby.
gem install wayback_machine_downloader
download website from web archive org
  • After Run Above Command, It will successfully Install Wayback machine downloader in your PC then simply Open Wayback from your Pc and enter the website address of your choice which you want to download.
For Example –
  • After that Replace URL and TimeStamp with the below command.
wayback_machine_downloader --from 20160608151239
download entire website wayback machine
  • And Run This Command In CMD via Ruby and Wait for few seconds. It will start downloading your website and may take few minutes.
  • You can find downloaded website copy from below Path in your Windows PC.


  • And There you go, You will get your downloaded copy of your website and you can run it locally or run on your server.

So this was the guide on wayback machine downloader windows, which you can use in your windows PC for download full website from wayback machine. If you have Linux based OS PC like macbook. then follow below tutorials for that.

Video Tutorial On How to Save Entire Website from Wayback

How to Download Website from Wayback Machine (Linux Based OS)

  • For Run This Wayback Machine downloader in Mac PC, You don’t need to install ruby. Just Open Terminal And enter below command in it.
gem install wayback_machine_downloader

For EL Capitan Or Later OS.

sudo gem install wayback_machine_downloader -n/usr/local/bin

wayback machine downloader github

  • After Run Above Command, It will Install Wayback machine downloader in your System and then download websites via commands, same as described in windows pc section.

Wrapping Up

So This is the way which you can use for download entire website from Wayback machine with the help of simple ruby script. You can use it for recover your website from wayback machine or just to check how your website was looking in past. For more questions or suggestions regarding this blog, simply comment below, I will try to help you out. Enjoy this wayback downloader free in your PC. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned in this blog for more cool stuffs like this.

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46 thoughts on “How to Download Website from Wayback Machine”

  1. I got it to work on windows 7. The only difference I used that no longer gave the :no files to download” result was adding an extra space or two between the commands. So in your example you listed this:

    wayback_machine_downloader –from 20160608151239

    on my win 7 I had to space it a bit more like this and I changed it “from” to the -f instead. Using this method bingo it worked fine. I thank you very much for this nice guide which overall broke down its use very easily

    my command version with a bit more spacing and change of “from to “f”
    wayback_machine_downloader –f 20160608151239

    • For some reason the spacing I mentiond in my previous reply is now together (at least the comment is displayed that way) so after you type in the web address hit the space bar on your keyboard about 3 times. Now type in your -f or -t now again space between 2-3, add the date, two spaces again for any other options

  2. FYI: Windows 7 64bit: Files were sent to D:\Ruby23-x64\websites\
    Installed Ruby on D:\ They were not in c:\username\websites as suggested above.

  3. I downloaded my website but when I click on the Index.html
    Your file was not found
    It may have been moved or deleted.

    this is message appears

  4. Actually was very curious if there is a no robots command (ignore robots) for wayback downloader? if so do you know what the command is?

  5. winhttrack does not work with wayback at all due to the way the links are laid out on wayback.

    That said however I have had 2 successful wayback website downloads using the much older, kind of glitchy and no longer supported program webzip from spider soft . It’s hit and miss but I was able to download at least two websites I wanted from wayback using that program

  6. Fantastic tutorial!

    I’m testing some websites and it works , but this webs are downloaded in my System32 folder by default (i’m using Windows 7 64 BITS).

    When I open any index.html file, I got an error (this file maybe has been removed). Is there any chance to change the default folder where is downloaded the website?

    Thnaks in advance.

      • I am also having this issue. It’s currently running right now and I finally found it:


        However whenever I go to the individual HTML files I open up and get this error:

        File not found

        Firefox can’t find the file at /C:/Windows/System32/websites/

        Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.
        Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.

        • You need to copy the folder that was downloaded out of the system32 folder to something normal like your Documents or Downloads folder and then you will no longer get the “File Not Found” error. The error is thrown because it’s downloading to a protected system32 sub folder and therefore will not display correctly.

  7. Fantastic tutorial! Thank you very much!
    I downloaded the website but I have 2 issues:
    1. It downloaded only feed & html format, but not the pictures. The website was on wordpress.
    2. How can I upload on wordpress?
    ( I didn’t had backup on wordpress. The only backup is the one downloaded from

    Thanks in advance!

  8. I have the same issue as Irina above, with saving a WordPress site.
    The .html pages did save (system32/websites), but the individual image files didn’t.
    Any ideas?

  9. My Mac is giving some access denied error, can any help or can get in touch with and help me download my brothers old website please.


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