Dim Screen Brightness on Android with Best Apps

Updated on December 9, 2016

Dim Screen Brightness Android: Lowering Screen Brightness even lower than the Settings available in your Android device is possible with the help of some simple apps, which I am Going to Mention Below. Due to Increasing Number of Websites on Internet, Increasing Information on Internet Day By Day, Increasing the trend of social media, You may have addicted with Internet Usage in your device, or Addicted for normal usage of your device like playing games etc. Using your Phone at Right Can Effect on your Eyes, So you can lower the risk of it via lowering the level of brightness in your device. There are many good apps for Android available, Like best apps for track mobile number etc and much more. You can try out below mentioned apps, and lower the screen brightness less than minimum from your phone’s default settings.

Android Low Screen Brightness Apps

In Some devices, The lowest level of brightness is also not so much suitable for use in the darkness of night when all other lights are turned off. So You have to Lower the brightness more than, which are available in your phone’s settings. You simply need to Download some of the apps, which can control the brightness of your device, and lower it more than your phone’s settings does. Previously, We was shared Best VR Video Players for android, Do check that out. With these apps you can lower screen brightness upto 0%, so at night there will be no harm to your eyes.

low brightness in android

Lower The Level of Brightness on Android

Below, Is the List of Some of the top / best / good apps, which you can use in your Android device right now for lower the brightness level more than minimum allowed in your device. Checkout more about these apps now from below, and download the now. There are many apps are available for Dim the Screen brightness for Android, we have tested many of them and Sharing some of the best apps for lowering the brightness level on Android devices. Androidpolice was also have some discussion regarding this, so let’s check that out. Have a look at some of the best brightness app download for this purpose now from below.

#1 – Night Mode

This is my Favorite app, for lowering the level of brightness in your Android device. I use this app in my Android device sometimes when I use my device in Late Night. Interface of this app is very much simple, and you can use this app in any Android device. While in Cinema, Bed, or terrace etc lowest brightness also seems so much bright just because there is no light near us. So In this Situation,  you can use this app, and enjoy in your device.

[appbox googleplay pt.bbarao.nightmode screenshots]

#2 Night Screen

Another Great app for lowering the brightness more than allowed in your Phone’s Settings. This app is very good and easy to use app with tons of more great features. You can optionally Turn on your Screen all time while using this app, this app also having Widget, in Which you can control brightness in just one click. Remember for use this app in MI Phones, You have to goto Settings – Apps – night screen – allow popup. This app also comes with Blue Filter, Which will help you to sleep properly after using your device. Download and install this simple brightness app for android in your device now via below download link simply.


[appbox googleplay com.arrowsapp.nightscreen screenshots]

#3 Lower Brightness Screen Filter

If you changed your Phone’s Brightness to the lowest level, and still it feels so bright then you can use this app for lower the brightness more than, which is allowed by your phone’s settings. With this app you can control the brightness level from 0 to 100% Easily in just few clicks. This display brightness android app is the light, but powerful app for controlling the lower brightness in your Android device. This app can automatically start on Boot-Up, and also shows notification about the brightness. For use in Android Marshmallow+ Devices, This app will ask for permissions. So Checkout more about this app now from below by downloading this low brightness app android via download link below.

[appbox googleplay nu.lower.brightness screenshots]


These was the some of the best apps ever for lowering the brightness more than allowed in your device’s default settings. Simply Download any of the app from above download links in your Android device, and you can enjoy them for free. These apps can lower the harm on your eyes while using your device at darkness in Night. Feel Free to comment below If you want to know any other things regarding this Guide. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more great tricks like this at SoftBigs.

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