Create Free virtual credit card from Websites / Apps for Use in India

Updated on June 25, 2022

free virtual credit card

virtual credit card online: Hey Guys, In This Post, i will tell you about How to Create free virtual credit card , without paying even single Rupee. This Service is started by Pockets App, Which is powered by ICICI bank. If you want to use Card on Some Sites, but they are not trusted one, then you can use Virtual card in that sites, without provide your card details to them.

What is Virtual Credit Card

Virtual Credit card is a Service, Which Provides you temporary Credit card, for use in other sites, without providing them your original Card Details. These cards, will provided you by various online Sites or some apps. These cards are much safe way to transact online. also Checkout more about this on ICICI Site.

How Crazy if someone provide you Virtual Credit card for Absolutely free 😀 yeah, This Service is providing Pockets app, which is officially powered by ICICI bank, but don’t worry ! if you don’t have ICICI bank account, this app will work on other bank account’s too. So Checkout More Details about it from below & Download this app now.

free virtual credit card

How to Generate Virtual Debit Card from Oxigen Wallet app

  • At first, Install oxigen wallet app from play store
  • Login or sign up with your account
  • In Main screen of the app, you will see a option of Visa card
  • Click on that and you will see your virtual Debit card.

virtual debit card

  • Use it anywhere and enjoy it.

How to Generate Virtual Credit Card From Pockets app for Free

  • At First, Download Pockets app from Play Store
  • Now, Login or Sign up with your Account in this app
  • Also you have to verify your Mobile numbber in this app.
  • Now, As soon you verify number, it will open Homepage of the app
  • Now, You will See your Virtual credit Card info here, Like Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV number etc.
  • No Need to add even single rupee for get your own Credit Card for free 😀
  • If you want to use this card on some Sites, then add some funds in this card & use it.

Screenshot Proof


How to get more Virtual Credit Card

  • At First, Get one Card
  • Clear Data of Pockets app, Register with another account
  • Follow Same Instructions again & get more Virtual cards.

How to Create Virtual Credit Card from Freecharge

Now, Freecharge is offering free virtual credit card for their users for use in India. You can use Credit card provided by Freecharge in any website. Freecharge is becaming more and more popular day by day. Now, they have started service of virtual Credit card, which is working really fine. I have tested this card, and it’s working without any issues. the best thing, is that They are providing credit card, which is more acceptable in many of the websites. So check it out now from below, that how can you create virtual credit card for free from Freecharge Website.

  • At First, Visit Freecharge Website from here – Freecharge
  • Now, Login or Sign up with your freecharge account from this Page.
  • Now, you nee to activate your virtual credit card from Freecharge, for do this, just open this link and it will activate Virtual Credit card.
  • Now, Enter 4 Digit MPIN here, and click on save button.
  • Now, Visit Freecharge Virtual Credit card page and then enter your MPIN, and you will get your credit card and expiry date and CVV code there.
  • You can use this card in any website of India, but it will not work outside of India. So guys, this was the easy way for get free virtual credit card from Freecharge.

create virtual credit card from freecharge

What is the Use Of These Cards

  • For Use in some Sites, which you can’t trust
  • For Use in Some Loot Offer like , Paytm or Freecharge site for get cash back on recharges, in those offer, in which they provide Offer only for once per debit / credit card.
  • For use on any other site, in which you don’t Want to show up your real credit card.
  • & much more benefits, depending on your Choice !

So Guys, This was the New Service of Virtual Credit cards, which is Provided on Pockets app by ICICI bank. Check that out. If you have some issues, regarding this post or have some suggestions, then feel Free to comment below. Thanks for visiting & keep visit here for get more cool stuffs like this.

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  1. i applied for a physical card through this app b4 2months 118rs were charged from my acc bt i didnt recieve d card till nw 🙁

      • I also not getting card from may 2015 and i pay 114 for this card but not recieved and then i complaint many times on customer care but they nothing do anything they alltimes say your address is not updated on app and update also this app. I do all things but they cant do this.

        • @arsh true bro even after frustratingly mailing them several times i got no proper response i hv even commented on play store openly posting my email even then they didnt contact me……

          The app is good but never rely entirely on that by uploading heavy funds there is no guarantee for our money in that app just use it for gentle and simple stuff

  2. This is awesome app. Fron this app earned too much money in bank. You can use Lime app also for virtual cards.if you add 500Rs. In Lime app using code LM1SC68 you will get 50Rs. Extra cashback in lime app. You can use this on most of the e commerce sites.

  3. Can i use any of this card to shop through PayPal ?
    Had tried with FreeCharge go MasterCard but it didn’t worked out.


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