Best Apps for Remotely Control One Android Phone From Another

Updated on June 27, 2016

Hello guys now we are going to share Top 5 Remotely Control Android Apps, nowadays android is the most popular operating system so lots of tricks also available for this operating system, before few days i got many comments in my old post change imei in android phone, many peoples ask in comments for Best Remotely Control Android Apps, so now today we describe about best applications for remote control, in this time every user want these applications, so they find these applications in google and youtube, but there are lots of websites provide fake Applications to Remotely Control Android, but in this amazing tutorial we have 100% working top 5 selected apps for you which can help you to connect other device wire less, all applications are tested and verify by our special moderator team, so i think you also need to checkout Top 5 Remotely Control Android Apps.

Android Devices are much more popular, and being currently used by many people these days. Controlling PC to PC is easy via software like team viewer / ammy Softwares etc. But when it comes to control android device from other android, things are something different. It’s very interesting to controlling one android device from other easily with the help of some simple apps. You can check which apps other people using in their android device and much more things you can do. So I am sharing list of the some of the best apps ever for control android device from other remotely very easily. So simply try these apps and enjoy in your device right now for free.

Remotely Control One Android With Other


Why Needs Remotely Control Android Apps

Guys sometimes your friend facing a big problem in their mobile, and you know solution of the problem. But you can’t explain the solution in words, so you think about how to access your friend’s phone remotely? if you also facing this type problems sometimes? it means you’re at right place, today we have Best Remotely Control Android Apps which can helps you to help your friend without access their mobile in real life, means you can access your friend’s mobile remotely and you can fix the problem. Guys you can use these apps for many things, for example – you can also use these Top 5 Remotely Control Android Apps in your business or work, or you can also use for fun with your friends. Some of apps need to connect with same wifi network to control any other device, but with our apps, you don’t need to connect with same wifi network. Also checkout Best apps for record calls in android. I hope you guys waiting for the main part of this article, so now we are going to describe our Best 5 Remotely Control Android Apps below.

1. Team Viewer

Guys i think you all know about Team Viewer, because it is very popular and very useful application/ software, Team Viewer also available for windows or mac operating systems, lots of companies also use it for their work, means company employs meet their clients by using it. With help of team viewer software, you can also mirror your android screen in your PC for making a YouTube tutorials. You can access another PC in your PC with it. If you are using team viewer in android device, then you can access another android device in your device by add their id or password, so it is completely remotely application. If you need latest download link of team viewer, then you can follow below given link.

remote control android tablet from android phone

Download Android Team Viewer

2. RemoDroid

Another Best Remotely Control Android App in our list, it also comes with many amazing features link team viewer, guys RemoDroid is the best application for remote control, it can allow you to connect any other device with your device, it also available for Windows and MAC users, so if you have a android device, then you can access your friend or relative mobile easily with help for RemoDroid, if you need latest download link of RemoDroid then you can click on below given link.

remote control android phone over wifi

Download RemoDroid


The best application to access another android device with your phone, guys is the Best Remotely Control Android App, which comes with too many new features, if you want to fix any other people problem without access their device in reality, means you can connect remotely with the user, and then you can fix the problem easily, it is the best team work application, and lots of users use it, many companies also use it for work and for team work, so if you need working download link of app? don’t worry, click on below link to download app.



4. Android VNC Viewer

If you already try to install Kali Linux or Backtrack 5 in your android! then you already know about VNC Viewer, because VNC Viewer perform best role in the process of linux installing in android, so now they added a amazing feature in it, now you can also access someone device remotely with the help of VNC Viewer, and you can enjoy lots of another things in VNC Viewer because now it has keyboard and mouse control which are awesome feature. It’s also has export and import settings option which make it more responsive and user friendly app. So i think you need to install VNC Viewer and checkout the new feature in it. Link below.


Download VNC Viewer for Android

5. ScreenShare (tablet)

Another and last application in our list of Best 5 Remotely Control Android Apps, if above given applications not work for you, or if you not like above apps, then it is only for you, because it has best connection server to control any media device remotely, means you can access another system without wire. Some of applications need to connect with same wifi network to access another device, but now you don’t need to connect with same wifi network, and the best part of this app is that it has user friendly theme and design. So if you want to try it? then click on link below.


ScreenShare (tablet)

Final Words

So guys these are Top 5 Remotely Control Android Apps, i hope you enjoy our article, and i think you can fix your friend’s and family members online problem by using above given applications, if you also know about another Best Remotely Control Android App! which is not available in our top 5 list, then you can comment the name of the app, i feel proud to add your suggested application in our list, If you facing any problem while downloading or anything about it, then comment below and describe the problem, i will help you in comments. Don’t forgot to share this post in social media websites like Facebook, twitter etc, and guys visit again for lots of amazing android and whatsapp tricks and secrets.

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