Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days After Limit (Latest)

Updated on June 25, 2022

 Change Facebook Name Before 60 days

Hey Guys, In this tutorial I will tell you about How can you Change your Name on Facebook Profile Before 60 days After limit. In Facebook There is one rule that you can not change name of your profile before 60 days. So if you want to change your name from your Facebook Profile and you was recently changed it too, and want to revert it back then simply Follow Below Tutorial. This Guide is based on Changing your Name from Facebook Before 60 days by bypass limit with simple trick. Previously, I was shared How to Facebook Toolkit for doing various tasks  on Facebook. Must check it out.

We have posted many other Facebook Tricks as well in this blog like Remove last name from Facebook, How to Post blocked url on Facebook etc and much more. Changing Facebook Name Before 60 days is officially also possible. But you have to send them your documents like Driving Licence etc to them, which is not convenient. So We are here with one simple trick for changing your Name from Facebook after limit before 60 days. For Privacy Reasons, and Stop Spam From Facebook, They have added this rule that user will not be able to change his / her Name form profile before 60 days.

change facebook name before 60 days

Facebook Name Change After Limit

Sometimes, We change our name from Facebook Account and later we realize that I must be not done that because new name looks Awkward. So in this case you have to change your Name from your Profile. But when you goto name settings it will show you a Message like You can’t change your name at this time because you’ve already changed it within the last 60 days. So what can you do here? You have 2 options here.

  1. Send Documents Proofs of your Legal Name to Facebook.
  2. Use Simple Trick for Change your Facebook Name Before 60 days (Which is mentioned below)

So Guys, there we are, simply follow the below steps now from your device. Remember that these steps are performed from PC Browser, steps may different according to your device, Check out These steps now for changing your Name from Facebook.

How to Change Name from Facebook Before 60 Days

  • At First, Open your Web Browser from your PC, and Login With your Facebook Account in which you want to change your Name.
  • Then Simply Open from your Browser.
  • Then It will ask for your Account Password, Simply Enter password of your profile.
  • After that Click on Continue, and it will ask you What is your Real Name like Below Screenshot.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.11.53 AM

  • After That Select your Name from the list. and click on next button.
  • And you are done, Now it will show you Success Message and you have successfully change name from your Facebook Profile Before 60 Days, Enjoy it 😀

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.13.35 AM



So Guys. This was the way which you can user for change your Facebook Name before 60 days without any issues of limit. If you still have any questions regarding this post in your mind then please comment below, I will try to help you out. Also have a look at How to use 2 Facebook apps in android. and enjoy using dual Facebook accounts in your device. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more Tutorials like this.

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  1. You means to clearly state that any person can change his name unlimited times or is there any restriction of 2-3 times . Per day/month


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